You need to read this one, if you are looking forward to purchasing the first Wetsuit of your life or if you want to acquire more information on Wetsuits, it is up to you. There is a lot in the wetsuits other than the purpose that it serves.  New features and additions make the wetsuits more efficient, lighter and more comfortable than its predecessors, and it is always great to go for the latest designs and models. Choosing a wetsuit can be hard if you are new to surfing and know a bit less about the characteristics of the suit.  Use the Benny’s Boardroom promo codes to buy wetsuits online and also get discounts.

 Here are a few points to guide you about Wetsuits

  1. The right size

It is always about the size because neither you want a smaller one to fit half your skin nor you want the Wetsuit to wobble because of a bigger size. Depending on the height and the shape, you can choose these wetsuits.  You will find several figures denoting the size of these wetsuits such as small, large, extra-large and tall. You will have to choose from the particular kind that you require. Once you have selected the size that is ideal for you, you can go for the colour.

  1. They are different from the Dive suits

Wetsuits differ from the dive suits as they are made explicitly for surfing and have many unique qualities as well. These are available in different colours as well. Wetsuits are specialized to block winds and helps the surfer to keep their cores warm when they are on the board above water. They are very flexible, and the neoprene that is in the Wetsuits are different from that of the scuba diving ones. These suits are designed for withstanding re-expansion and compression that are caused by the extreme pressure under water.

  1. The Neoprene thickness

Each Wetsuit that you will buy will vary in the width and the temperature of the water. The more the thickness, the better it can save you from the coldness of the water. A 5/4/3 is a wetsuit with 5mm neoprene in body areas, 4mm for the limbs along with 3mm in the regions that require more flexibility. The surfing wetsuits have 2-3 kinds of thicknesses according to the neoprene.

  1. The design of the suit

There is some significant amount of advancements in the wetsuits. The newer models and versions of surfing wetsuits are warmer, lighter and even more flexible than the other wetsuits. The most popular designs include zip designs, quick dry linings, liquid seams and are perfectly fit for your shape as well. They look good as well.

  1. The Wetsuits zipper systems

There are two kinds of Wetsuits based on the zipper system, one is the back zip, and another is the chest zip. The back zip runs through the back of the body where you need to unzip it to take the Wetsuit off. The chest zips are a more modern concept, and it means that there will be less restriction to the paddling as there are no zips at the back. The chest zipper system is an excellent choice for a beginner to have on their surfing wetsuit.

  1. The quick–dry linings

No one likes to put on a cold wetsuit when it is the winters. When you are expecting the coating to be drained faster, the Wetsuit needs to be thicker and loose for more air to penetrate into the body.

  1. Seams

The seams of the Wetsuit are an integral part of the Wetsuit because it helps keep you warm and comfortable. The more seams a wetsuit will have, the better the comfort level for the skin will be. However, if the Wetsuit will have a higher number of seams, then it will definitely make the suit less flexible and less encouraging to perform. You can find three kinds of seams in the market.

  1. Flatlock

Use only warmer water, i.e. 17°C (62°F). The seams will look like railroad tracks from the outside. The seams are flat and comfortable on the insides of the body, and they allow some water to permeate through.

If you are looking for a perfect list of guidelines to consider before buying surfing wetsuits, then you need to refer these points. Get the latest versions and models of surfing wetsuits with protection and comfort that can help you surf better when you are at it.