Home design is actually a way or form of interior designing. It is a kind of design which is used to make a home look aesthetic and healthier by using the space of the house. Home designs are done by interior designers who are professional in this task of designing. There role is to plan, research, execute, coordinate and manages the whole project. There are seven main elements which should be considered while designing a home. These seven elements are the most essential part of the process. They can be called as the principles of home designing rather then there elements.

The seven principles are as followed-

  • Space- space is one of the important factors which act as the foundation of the designing of home. It basically consists of two types two dimensional space and three dimensional spaces.
  • Line- it helps in providing a sense of contrast, harmony and unity in the space. There are three kinds so line- vertical, horizontal and dynamic lines which helps in visual guiding of the design.
  • Forms- these can be made combining two or more shapes. These helps in balancing elements like texture, colors and patterns of the space.
  • Light- it is one of the important elements which provide natural look to the form and the space.
  • Colours- it enhances the beauty of the place by establishing a connection between two elements.
  • Texture- it the way the surface of the place looks, the way it is felt in hands. They are classified in two types- actual texture and visual texture.
  • Pattern- they are said to be the element of continuity. They help in adding a smooth transition to the space. They make the place look attractive.

Thus, the overall working of all these factors makes the house look amazing and unique.