A good knife is an essential tool for any kitchen. Whether you are a chef or a person who cooks food for the family, you need good knives while preparing the food. Multiple good reasons buying good knives for your kitchen is necessary. First, for making a quality meal with time-saving you’ll need particular knives that’ll save your time by cutting and chopping the ingredients in a faster way. Second, forgetting the perfect knife you’ll need to understand some factors that include your comfort level with knives, the size of your hands, and what sort of food you like to cook. Further, there are many types of knives are available that perform differently. These knives come in different sizes and shapes, along with plastic or wooden made grips. You don’t need to bring all kinds of knives at home, the basic ones can also do the job for you. So to help you choose the best, this blog has picked the top knives for you that you can have for your kitchen.



1- Farberware’s 6- to 8-inch knife

It is the most suitable and multipurpose knife. This knife is used for dicing veggies, slicing meat, smashing garlic, and chopping herbs and nuts. Farberware’s edge keeper 6- to 8-inch knife has come with the feature of self-sharpening. Every time this knife is put back into its edge keeper, it sharpens itself for the second when you take it out. It has a high-quality blade that is made from high-carbon steel that lends strength, sharpness, and durability and can resist erosion. Other than this, this knife offers an ergonomically designed handle for exceptional comfort and durability while using. So you won’t have to feel unease whenever you’ll hold it. Luckily, you can find more products like this at huge discounted rates with 6th Street code.

2- Korin Suisin Carbon Steel Gyuto

Korin suisin sin carbon steel gyuto is considered the best carbon steel knife for more than 20 years. The best part is, they come the premium quality and are not so expensive. This model comes with the feature to sharpen the razor edge and holds that edge for longer than any of my other knives. If you have small hands, then you can buy smaller blades like the Korin Petty knives. They are also very nice, as they are about 5- to 6-inch blades. Further, carbon steel takes more cleaning care than stainless steel. If you don’t clean your carbon knives every time you use them then they will become rusty and you won’t like to work with those knives anymore.  So cleaning them after every use must make them more durable.

3- Henckels Classic 3-pc Knife Set

You don’t have to worry by seeing a dozen sets of knives as only a three-piece knife set will work better than getting a set that holds many dozens of knives. An 8-inch chef’s knife, a paring knife, and a serrated knife are enough to prepare just about any meal. Thus Henckels’ classic 3-pcs knife set gives you all three of them. They come with sharp and durable knives, providing you with the best cutting you want.