Air purifiers are a must-have appliance everywhere, be it work, home or anywhere else. Thanks to the advancements in technology, air purifiers are available for all walks of life. These air purifiers work greatly and make sure you breathe pollutant-free fresh. Different technologies are used in air purifiers and these are used in different places. Here are five of the most popular air purifier kinds available to use:

Air Purifiers According to Technology:

  • HEPA Purifiers:

HEPA purifiers are state-of-the-art purifiers that are capable of removing 99.9% air pollutants indoors. HEPA purification technology uses a three-filter purification, which makes sure any kind of dust or pollutants of size more than 0.3 Microns are removed to provide pure air. They also remove particulate matter and foul-smelling air making the air fresh. These purifiers also use ionizers to create negative ions that trap leftover pollutants to increase air quality.

  • Ozone Air Purifiers:

If the air pollutants are mainly bacteria, viruses, fungus and other pathogens, it is advised to use an ozone air purifier only. They are the best air purifiers when it comes to disinfection. Using powerful Ozone gas, these air purifiers permanently kill pathogens that are present in the air. The sophisticated technology also makes sure that further growth of bacteria is inhibited. These also use simple deodorization technology to remove any foul smelling odour from the air so that the room is kept fresh.

Air Purifiers According to Placement:

  • Wall-Mounted Air Purifiers:

When the room size is large and up to 400 sq. ft., wall-fitted air purifiers are more suitable. These air purifiers are elegantly designed to be easily mounted on the wall of any office, restaurant or conference room. These can be fitted in drawing and dining rooms as well. The mounting of these wall air purifiers is really easy and you don’t have to worry about them after mounting them.

  • Table Top/Pedestal Purifiers:

If you want to purify air in living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms etc. you should use table top or pedestal purifiers. These purifiers are portable and have a functional design. You just need to plug them in and relocate them easily whenever you want to. The portable nature also allows flexibility of placement. You can buy one of these and purify the entire house depending on where you are going to be.

  • Car Purifiers:

Air purification is necessary during commute as well. The fumes from the car plastic can be deadly if the car has stayed in the sunlight for longer hours. A car purifier can easily remove all the deadly pollutants quickly so that you breathe fresh air. These purifiers are really compact so that they can easily be fitted onto the dashboard of the car near the AC vents. The purifier doesn’t just remove pollutants, but also makes sure that bad odour doesn’t stay in the car. These purifiers are also optimized to make sure there is a really low noise operation. Their noise intensity is less than 35 decibels, which allows extremely silent operation. These are the best for vehicles.

These are the most popular air purifier kinds available in the market today. The function of each of them is to purify the air and make it breathable and fresh. The way to do this or the placement is different for each of them. With the help of these purifiers, make your household, office as well as vehicle filled with pure and fresh air.