A terrace enlarges the living space outside in summer.  The terrace is the exemplary place to enjoy the garden and the warm season. It is the successful mix between inside and outside. So that the joy of summer is not clouded by anything, some preliminary considerations are necessary for the terrace planning. We drop tips here on considerations for the terrace design.

Stage Water on Terrace and Balcony

Not everyone has room for a garden pond, though most homes in Dubai possess this feature. But even on the terrace and balcony, the element of water can be staged.

Plan the Terrace

If you plan your terrace, the first question should be for what purpose you aim to utilize the terrace: Whether for sunbathing, for cozy meals and barbecues with friends or as a playground for the children. It is best to collect examples from magazines, photos or even inspiring websites in advance. Of course, a simple list of keywords is also enough.

It is important that you know your wishes so that you can design the terrace accordingly. Because the space for the grill, a large dining table or the parasol should not be forgotten in the planning. This doesn’t happen with a specific setup. Another side effect: The collection also clarifies which furnishing style the terrace gets later.

Pergola as a Shelter for the Terrace

The patio roofing provides shade and forms a canopy of intense, bright colors in summer.

The Orientation of the Terrace

The later desired use is also important for the location of the terrace. For sunbathers is an orientation or direction of the terrace to the south is most sensible. So you can soak up the sun all day long. By contrast, a terrace with west orientation is not the whole day in the sun but still receives the warm evening light. Such a place is ideal for enjoying the late afternoon and evening hours.