It’s a long flight from Hong Kong to LAX, but once you get settled in, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of the many must visit places in Los Angeles. 

Los Angeles is a huge and booming city, offering countless attractions and endless sights. If you’re strapped for time, it’s best to map out the places you want to visit that are in close proximity to one another.

To get the most out of your getaway to Los Angeles and make your long flight from Hong Kong to LAX worth it, you can’t go wrong with any of the must visit places below.  There’s no shortage of things to do.

Things to Do In L.A.

  1. The Hollywood Walk of Fame

If you’re looking for something inexpensive to do, visiting the Hollywood Walk of Fame is completely free. Feel free to stop and take pictures of anyone of the 1600 stars located on this iconic walkway.

  1. The Classic L.A. Farmers Market

This is the perfect place just to walk around, grab some bites to eat and people watch. There are tons of shops and restaurants, offering a huge variety of food and convenient and unique places to shop. You’ll find it easy to spend the whole afternoon here.

  1. The Hollywood Bowl

You’ve definitely seen the iconic Hollywood Bowl in movies. It’s definitely something to checkout if you find any performances you might be interested in attending. It’s the perfect place to completely focus on and enjoy any one of the musical performers. Feel free to bring snacks, food and wine with you, for the ultimate experiences.

  1. The Pacific Coast Highway

This is a classic Hollywood view. American culture has grown to easily recognize this beachy, surf-like image.       The beautiful turquoise waters are absolutely breath-taking. There is no shortage of sea-food, burgers and beers across the Pacific Coast Highway.

  1. Sunset Boulevard

The classic Sunset Strip is a must see. It thrives in the night-time, displaying a sexy and seductive side of Los Angeles.  Bring sure to bring your wallet. The popular Sunset Strip bars charge for you to see the awesome views and enjoy a cocktail.

During the daytime, it doesn’t really look like anything special. If you do plan to visit Sunset Boulevard, make sure you see it during the night time. That’s when the Boulevard comes alive!

  1. Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios is more than just a theme park. It offers a unique experience, allowing visitors to enjoy real and simulated rides, as well as, seeing replicas of popular movie and TV studio sets. You won’t be disappointed in seeing an interesting behind the scenes glimpse of your favorite classics.

  1. Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures offers one of the most authentic studio tours you can get. If you want to experience classic Hollywood, you’ll learn get a good sense of the industry with either one of the 2-hour or 150-minute tours.