We have different styles of music being produced in the world and technology has made the music available for all people of various countries. It’s good to try new and unique music.

Some music can be for just hearing , some for singing and some can make you mesmerised and force you to dance on them. But we’ve brought you some songs that can make you do all the three at once.

These are the sensational Yemi Alade’s song Johnny from her debut album, that is also responsible for giving her real recognition; and second called Temptation by the duo Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye (twin brothers).

Yemi Eberechi Alade (born on March 13, 1989) had won the show called Peak Talent Show in the year 2009 and she came up with this album, for which she is best known. Various dance videos can be found on the internet on this song Johnny, choreographed by dancers from various parts of the world.

Talking about Temptation, it’s a rap song, hip hop kind, that was sung by the dynamic duo called p-square. The singing twins delivered it in an excellent way. The song hit the floor hard. It is definitely a song to be heard again and again, sung as well as danced upon.

These songs are both from the African country, Nigeria and are heard in all African countries. It’s also significant to mention here that Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and Nigeria tops the continent in producing the best music. Nigeria is known for variety in tribes present there, which impacts their music so much.

So what to wait for? Search for the songs and download yemi alade johnny song and p square temptation instrumental. Experience the richness of African music.