Food aficionado can come across some Moroccan street food they did not even have in mind. They feel fascinated by some unfamiliar but amazingly compatible taste of different spices used. Cumin, Cinnamon and saffron are the most recognizable but there are more spices that make Marrakech cuisine exclusive.

Street food stalls are lined on every alley of Moroccan city in North Africa. Tourists and the locals gather at these stalls to savor the flavor cuisine. It is difficult to choose from tender lamb coated with local herbs or aubergines sparkling with oil or cous-cous cooked to excellence or the rich stews.

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Few best Moroccan street food

  • Harira soup – It contains lentils, spices, chickpeas, and some meat. Lots of variations are available but is a great appetizer.
  • Kebabs – Different kinds of kebabs are available including beef, lamb, chicken, goat, pigeon, etc. Meat pierced in skewer is displayed all ready to barbeque the moment one is chosen.
  • Lamb tanjia – Lamb shoulder is roasted slowly in Tanjia [means Moroccan clay pot] with spices, olive oil, preserved lemon and aged butter for 4 to 5 hours.
  • Fish chermoula – Fresh sardines are marinated and fried or grilled.
  • Brochettes – Meat is marinated with spices and salted then barbequed
  • Tagine – Meat, vegetables and spices are all put in clay pot and simmered over hot coals.
  • Grilled vegetables – You will certainly enjoy the rich, smokey taste of grilled veggies [little salty].
  • B’stilla – Meat [fish, chicken or pigeon] is cooked slowly in spiced broth [cinnamon, sugar and grounded almonds], tattered and wrapped in thin dough layers.
  • Maakouda – Potatoes are mashed with parsley, some eggs, spices, and coriander then they are deep fried. It is served hot with spicy sauce.
  • Nuts & dried fruit – In the Medina of Marrakech, you will see stalls serving spiced dried fruits and nuts. There are several flavors and taste great. They are cheaper than you will buy at home. You get everything from dried figs to dates to apricots.

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