Liquid Web’s is one of the world’s biggest providers of Managed Dedicated Servers, VPS Hosting and Cloud Servers. This article is a review of Liquid Web’s Managed WordPress Hosting.

We have read the benefits of this service here and have put together the pros and cons of using it.

Pros of Liquid Web’s Managed WordPress Hosting

1. Speed Managed WordPress Web hosting

A large traffic influx calls for better speeds; and with Liquid Web’s Speed managed WordPress hosting, this is a problem you don’t have to suffer as a site owner.

2. Security Managed WordPress Hosting

If the security of your mission-critical site is an enduring concern for you, you also stand to benefit from Liquid Web’s Security Managed WordPress hosting servers. These technology has formidable security layers that are always seeking to deal with malware attacks and put a stop to any form of hacking.

3. Daily Backups Services

Part of this company’s managed web services include its daily backups which create restore points on a frequent basis. So, if your site’s content is changing every minute and you are worried that loss of data without a recent backup would set you back, then this service is for you. Liquid Web servers have special programs to take care of these backups so that you are always on the safe side.

4. Automatic Updates

Part of the deal is automatic updates; so you can go without having to worry about this as well.

5. Zero Downtimes

Many site owners live with perpetual fear of reputation and business-crippling down times, but not users of Managed WordPress Hosting services using Liquid Web.

6. Client Support

The company has in place several WordPress experts. Support is a critical part of premium web hosting, and having someone who understands WordPress like the backs of their hands is a big plus, which is precisely what you get when using Liquid Web’s services.

7. Liquid Web Discount Coupon Codes

Liquid Web offers a 33% discount for 3 months of managed WordPress Hosting using the coupon code WORDPRESS33 .Read more here

Cons of Liquid Web’s Managed WordPress Hosting

1. Price

This is not a con specific to Liquid Web’s managed hosting services per se; but it is nonetheless a concern – managed hosting(compared to shared hosting) is a bit pricey. Managed WordPress Hosting from Liquid Web requires $29 a month. To put this into perspective, their shared hosting services cost $3.96 a month. Still, when you consider the alternative, which is self-managed hostingby hiring your own system administrator, then this will look like an incredible bargain.

2. Restrictive

This level of specialization confines users to the use of WordPress-based sites only. Even their server architecture is set up with this in mind. Furthermore, in its goal to provide high speed hosting, Liquid Web will stop you from using WordPress plugins that can slow down your site.

3. Reduced Control

Inherent in the concept of managed hosting is the fact that you have to relinquish control over certain web hosting features. Things like security, speed, down times become the sole responsibility of the company. But then again, you are paying them to worry about these issues on your behalf.