Cooking is a way to learn and be happy. By cooking, you use your brain and focus on what you do, no longer worrying about your problems and worries. In addition cooking low-stress too , you also use five senses.

If you are entering the kitchen for the first time, your food may be quite satisfying, but don’t worry by repeating it all over again you will be professional cooker .


There are many foods available today that you can cook with low ingredients and easily. With existing cooking tools and with the development of kitchen appliances, it has become easier. And spend less time than before. You just have to be a little bored. I love cooking, and sometimes I even make bread at home, though using the oven. I try not to eat duplicate foods and try different flavors. That’s why I want to read so many books and ask about foods from my culinary friends.

The food we eat must provide the body with the energy it needs. So it is important to be careful about what foods we make. Its calories should be large enough to prevent obesity and provide the body with the energy it needs.


You have to learn some tips in cooking. Mixing Time , the time you cook , is important . in addition the amount of material you use is important . Today I want to teach you a hamburger-like food I learned from a friend. This dish is delicious and the most important thing to keep in mind is that the spices you use in this dish are very important. Since this dish is made from Partially cooked meat, you should use spices that eliminate the bad smell of meat and you can eat it. The name of this dish is Kitfo, which is served in most Ethiopian restaurants and has many enthusiasts. You can easily make and enjoy this dish. Stay with me to tell you all the tips.

The stuff you need to make kitfo :

Fresh Beef – Fresh Aromatic Vegetables – Onions- Garlic-Salt – Pepper & kitfo Spices –

Try to keep the materials you use fresh. The meat you use should be fat-free because it does not cook much. Cut meat into thin slices. In another bowl mix some lemon juice, spices, salt and pepper. Then grate the onions and garlic and add to the pan. Mix the meat with the ingredients for an hour to allow it to taste with the spices . Chop the vegetables and steam. Then pour the meat into a pot and heat.

If you like raw, 5 minutes is enough. But if you like to cook perfectly, it takes 30 minutes. Cut a piece of bread into a plate, then pour the meat and vegetables on it.

The sauce you can make for kitfo is a mixture of melted butter and cheese. Put some on the heat to become Concentrate . Then pour over the meat and serve with bread. Soups and salads can be eaten alongside this meal. You can also serve it along with other foods.


And you can also mix the meat with other ingredients. But the most important ingredient is meat.

Substances like peas and potatoes also make its taste better. But of course, the combination of butter with meat is great. Ethiopians use a special butter for kitfo and eat it with bread that’s like bananas shape .

You eat kitfo by Other breads too or eaten without bread. You can make it beautiful with tomato , lettuce or colored ingredients .

It depends on your taste. Send me your kitfos photo to me so I can enjoy your art.