People, who try to buy Dianabol in UK go for two different ways. Either they try to identify any underground labs or prefer to buy pharmaceutical grade of this drug. Pharmaceutical grade Dianabol are usually manufactured by those companies that are approved by FDA and considered to be legitimate pharmaceutical companies. These products are very well tested and go through stringent quality control procedures during their manufacturing process.

Interested to buy Dianabol in UK?

There are many underground labs that operate in the UK illegally. These companies are not recognized by the government of UK though they deal exclusively with the anabolic steroids. Most of these underground laboratories usually run either in basement or garage with complete pharmaceutical facilities. You can save your money, if you prefer to buy the products manufactured by these underground laboratories. However, there is no guarantee about their quality.

On the other hand, if you want to buy genuine Dianabol manufactured by legally approved source, you cannot buy them without any prescription. Therefore, it is essential for you to know the United Kingdom legal status before you decide to buy Dianabol, otherwise you may end up paying big penalties.

Legal sources of Dianabol

There are number of pharmaceutical companies who are distributing Dianabol in the UK which are legally approved by the UK Government. Following are few of them:

  • A number of pharmaceutical companies from Thailand produce Dianabol
  • British Dispensary is also producing this steroid under the name of Anabol. They supply this product as a tablet and is quite popular with the users.
  • Another company from Thailand called Body Research and March Pharmaceuticals produce Dianabol in tablet form.
  • The company with a name Metic also produces pink tablets of Dianabol in the shape of pentagon. They package it in a bottle containing 1000 pink tablets.
  • Company Methandon also produces Dianabol which is white in color and letter ES is stamped on the tablets.
  • There is one company from Russia known as Akrikhin (In Russian language Akpnxnh) also makes tablets that is packaged in blister pack with a strip of 10 tablets packaged in purple box.
  • Similar drug is also produced in Ukraine, which often people consider as fake product however it is a legitimate one.
  • In Romania there is one pharmaceutical company known as Naposim that manufactures Dianabol in triangular shape. It comes in a blister pack with 10 tablets.
  • In Poland also Dianabol is produced as Metanol in the tablet form and each strip consists of 20 tablets.
  • In Moldova Balkan Pharmaceuticals produce Dianabol DS in 20 tablet package