Looking to get that coastal inspired bedroom of your dreams? There is a large variety of routes you can take to achieve a beautiful beachy bedroom. The world is your oyster.

You’ll need some really eye-catching elements to set the mood and tone of your bedroom.

Beach Inspiration for Your Bedroom

  1. Find beach bedding sets

Finding the right bedding set can make all the difference in setting the theme of your room. Find your room color theme before you start hunting for beach bedding sets. You should consider several factors before investing in a beach bedding set, such as the weight of the blankets, the patterns or textures of the material, and the set’s plushiness.

Don’t forget to find a beautiful throw that can add a pop of color to your room. Pick a color that stands out from the rest of your room, but still makes a perfect fit for your coastal style.

  1. Bring natural elements to different areas

To really add some eye-catching elements and bring tranquility to your bedroom, adding natural pieces to the room can do wonders. Driftwood and other wood textures will really breath beach life into your room.

A driftwood mirror or a driftwood seahorse can make your room look fun and inviting. Find a gorgeous wooden headboard that can act as a focal point of your room. Look for a headboard that display the textures and grains of the wood and contains a variation of browns.

Wicker elements can add a warm feel as well.  To make your room cozy, add a wicker hamper, basket or chair.

Plants that are very leafy can make your beach bedroom very relaxing and natural looking. Look for dusty green leaves or deep, dark, tropical green leaves.

  1. Decide on what beach inspired color theme you’re looking for

There are a lot of different directions you can take to get a beach bedroom.

Popular color choices:

  • Sea greens
  • Sky blues
  • Turquoises
  • Ashy Grays
  • Ashy or Serene Navy Blues
  • Deep Navy Blues

You also may choose to incorporate a unique painting technique, outside of a very basic, flat look, which will bring in extra texture. Soft sponge painting can bring in a wave like texture to your walls. Crisp and clean vertical stripes can help to achieve a classic sailor type of look. Even if you do decide to a basic, flat painting technique, colors with ashy tones can still add a really fresh and unique, minimalist texture.

If you are already drawn to a particular color, research about how other colors will work with your main color. Look at different shades of colors that complement your main theme.

  1. Add other cool beach style elements, but don’t overdo it

There are plenty of other elements you can add to your room. These include:

  • Boat ropes or rope netting
  • Coral reefs
  • Sea glass and beads
  • Burlap

Be sure not to overdo it, though. Remember, your bedroom is a place of sleep. You need to also create a relaxing environment. If your room becomes too busy, that makes it hard for your mind to relax when it’s time to catch some sleep.