Sandblasting refers to the process where sand and other materials get shot at a high speed through a machine onto the surface of a hard material until the surface is sanded smooth. It is mostly done when you wish to remove previous finish on the surface of rust or when you wish to prepare the surface for a fresh coat of paint. The materials used in the process will vary depending on how easy or difficult it is to remove the coating and the impact it can withstand. A sandblaster can come in handy when you are planning a home renovation. It takes plenty of time removing rust or paint by hand. Sand blaster will make the process faster. When purchasing sandblasting equipment there are some factors that you must consider.

Type of the sandblaster
There are mainly three types of sand blaster. The simplest is the gravity fed sandblaster which usually uses the gravity to get the job done. In this type sand is placed in a hooper, and then it is mounted on the sand blaster guns. Which are then connected to an air compressor. When you press the trigger, air comes from the nozzle and sand falls from the container and out through the nozzle at a high speed. Then there is the siphon blaster that works the same as the gravity fed blaster but the hooper is below the nozzle. Finally, there is the pressure sand blaster. It usually makes use of canisters of sand that are highly pressurized.

The appropriate size
Sandblasters come in different sizes. The smallest is the mini sand blaster that is handheld and portable. They were designed to specifically work on tight spaces and for detailed work. They usually have smaller sand blaster guns to handle delicate projects. Then there is the large sand blaster that is usually mounted in a cart with wheels for portability. Finally, there is the industrial sandblasters that are usually mounted on a truck. They are mostly used for large outside projects. They are mainly used by construction workers.

Features of the sand blaster
Just like they come in different sizes and mechanisms, sandblasters also come with a variety of features. The additional features help to quickly and effectively handle the task at hand. Before you purchase sandblasting equipment, it would be wise to find out more about the project it will be used for so you can decide if you do need the sandblaster to have special features. Some of the features include comfortable pistol grips, sturdy tires, adjustable pressure controls among others.

Deciding on the tasks the sandblaster will be used for and how often it will be used are among the top considerations to make when purchasing a sandblaster. There are numerous options available. Take your time and talk to an expert about it.