There is no doubt that becoming a godparent is a huge honor and you would obviously want to do the best by your godchild. One of the greatest things about this role is that you get to watch them grow up and be there for all important milestones of their lives. You obviously want to do a good job, but it is easier said than done. Most people don’t know what they should do and how and it is perfectly normal to feel that way. If you are wondering how to be a fantastic godparent, here are some helpful tips:

  • Be the fun aunt or uncle

When your godchild is young, you should have fun being the doting, indulging aunt or uncle. Parents have to be strict, but godparents don’t. Give them undivided attention and come up with fun things to do together, while building a foundation of respect and trust.

  • Prioritize your time together

Sending a goddaughter birthday card with a gift on their birthday is not enough. You need to prioritize your time together, especially if you live close. Have monthly dates where you two spend time together. It can be an afternoon in the park, a trip to the zoo or science center or something similar. If you have the funds for it, you can take them to a theme park. Maintaining a close connection is essential for being a good godparent.

  • Stay connected regardless of distance

If you live miles apart from your godson or goddaughter, you should still try and connect with them. In today’s technologically advanced world, there are various channels you can use. Relate to them and become their confidant. Give them advice if they need it or be their sounding board if they are upset or have complaints to share.