How long does a French bulldog live? As its name indicates, this breed of dog originates from France. However, it is said that her upbringing took place in the United Kingdom. For a long time due to its appearance it has been thought that it is an aggressive and dangerous dog. French bulldog is an extremely sociable breed both with man and with other dogs.

How long does a French bulldog live?

If we refer to the average life expectancy of a Frenchie, you should know that if it is a healthy dog ​​and under the necessary care it can live 14 years. Its approximate average life span is 10 to 12 years. Next, we will introduce you to the most common diseases that this breed suffers from and how to avoid complications.

This species has several skin folds located on its face and back. As there is not enough air between the skin folds, various fungi and even dermatitis tend to occur. To avoid them, just clean these wrinkles at least 3 times a week. The rest of its coat will remain in optimal condition if it is brushed once a day. The same rule applies to each dog that belongs to this bulky species, such as the Pug. However, their coat is short so it should not present major problems. This is useful to keep them clean since most French bulldogs do not like bath time. This data is curious because this dog supports high temperatures quite badly. Outside these points, it is a generally healthy breed.

What does a French bulldog eat?

To start talking about the diet of a French bulldog, we must bear in mind that this breed of dog is prone to being overweight. For this reason care must be taken regarding the amount of food that we will give it. Well, it could later cause heart and breathing problems. It’s ideal weight is between 12 and 15 kilograms. To offer a complete and balanced diet, it is best to buy dog food. There are numerous brands specialized in this breed and they offer different foods as the dog grows.

You should reach 2 servings of food a day, to avoid obesity and facilitate its digestion as it tends to suffer from gas. Normal food can also be eaten by these animals, what seems to be a problem is the fact that this breed is not very athletic and the protein values ​​in common food tend to make it fatter quickly.