Among all the marketing tools, lanyards are probably the most effective and economical. Almost all companies and business houses use custom-printed lanyards. Lanyards are a part of every professional organization. They are seen universally at all events and public places. Why are custom-printed lanyards so popular and how do they contribute to marketing? Take a look.

Custom-printed lanyards and their contribution to marketing

Marketing strategies in every company are constrained by budgets and most of the promotional items suggested cannot fit so easily into these budgets. But there is one accessory which contributes enormously to marketing and is easy on the budget too- it is the custom-printed lanyard. These are the reason for its popularity in marketing.

1. Economical yet effective advertising

Billboards, TV or press ads may burn a hole in your pocket, but not custom printed lanyards. Lanyards are priced at a fractional price when compared to these exorbitant ad vehicles. The best part is that lanyards do all that other ads can do and that too, at a fraction of the price. Yes, lanyards can carry the company name, logo, tagline, address and contact details. What more is required for advertising? Lanyards have it all at a pocket-friendly price.

2. Wide Reach

Lanyards are carried or worn by one and all. They are easy to print and distribute in bulk.  they have a wide reach due to their easy distribution which makes them very effective in spreading brand or product awareness.

3. Easily customizable

Most marketing tools may take some effort and time to customize. But to lanyards. Due to their thin size, they are easy to fabricate and can be easily made o order in the colours of your choice. Custom printed lanyards are customized with company name, logo and details very quickly and are easily available for distribution.

4. Quickly fabricated

Custom-printed lanyards are made of nylon, jute, satin, silk, PET or leather. Since these materials are easily available, they can be manufactured in bulk in no time. So if you are looking for a marketing item to be ordered at the last moment, the ideal choice would be a custom printed lanyard.

5. Multi-purpose

The very nature of the custom-printed lanyard makes it multi-purpose and functional. Men use it to carry their id cards, badges, wallets or keys. Women use  I to carry their purses, goggles, scarves or even to hang their fashion pendants. Whatever the use, custom-printed lanyards fit any purpose and occasion.

6. Never out-of-fashion

Marketing gurus always suggest offering the latest and the best to their customers. Well, custom-printed lanyards are always in fashion. People are just finding new and unique ways to use lanyards. The latest usage of lanyards is with USBs attached to them, which make them highly useful at the workplace.

7. Best for events

Marketing is incomplete without events. and events are incomplete without lanyards. Custom printed lanyards are distributed in different colours to distinguish the important guests, regular visitors, organizers, security personals and VVIPs. Since these are visible even from a distance, lanyards are very helpful in conducting events in a professional way.

8. Maximizes market penetration of the brand

Since there are innumerable brands in the market, brand differentiation is easily done only by using custom printed lanyards. These lanyards also help the brand to penetrate the market deeply, reaching the nook and corner of the market with their large-scale distribution.

Custom printed lanyards are compulsory for marketing as they achieve maximum brand awareness at minimum cost. Make the most of custom printed lanyards by procuring them from an expert provider who can give you creative and colourful designs with prime quality.