Perfection is an illusion. You are bound to make mistakes in whatever you do, whether it’s playing a football match or making noodles at home. The same is true for JEE 2018, an entrance exam held for undergraduate admissions in colleges like IITs. If you are a serious aspirant who wishes to clear JEE, you have to clear JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. After you have cleared JEE Mains, you have to apply for JEE Advanced 2018. But then, you must remember that you are competing against the best. Thus, you cannot commit mistakes, at least a silly one.

Here, we highlighted some tips that you can incorporate from now on to avoid committing silly mistakes in JEE Advanced 2018. It will take time and intellect to grasp these skills. Therefore, we advise you to begin as soon as possible.

Develop Analytical & Reasoning Skills

The whole purpose of developing analytical and reasoning skills is to minimize the occurrences of silly mistakes. Developing these skills help you in developing a perspective that will enable you to take appropriate decisions as quickly as possible. This habit will help you in analyzing the mistakes you are committing while preparing for the examination.

Recheck Calculations

Candidates commit silly mistakes while doing the calculations. This is the case with each and every candidate. For some, numbers are confusing and for some, formulas are hard to remember. How can you overcome this problem? Learning by heart and practicing relentlessly are the only feasible solutions for avoiding mistakes during calculations. Further, you should re-evaluate calculations to verify the assumptions and the final value.

Keep Calm and Don’t Rush Through

In order to complete all the questions in time, we tend to get nervous. This nervousness exploits our concentration, and we commit silly mistakes without realizing it. We should try to stay calm when we are attempting exams like JEE Advanced 2018. Be patient and don’t rush through the questions. You have ample of time to complete the paper. Further, you can practice meditation to develop consciousness and awareness and keep anxiety at bay.

Clear Basics & Fundamentals

When we haven’t studied the basic concepts and fundamentals, we cannot master the advanced techniques. Thus, it is important to build a firm foundation before we proceed further. Study the basics from a book that explains it in the most lucid manner. Further, to master the fundamentals, attempt practice questions.

Take Regular Mock Tests

You have completed the whole syllabus two months prior to the examination. Well, now you should work at the double rate to hone your skills. For this purpose, the best methodology is to attempt mock tests. These tests help you in grasping the paper pattern and help you in preparing for the final battle.

Analyze & Correct Mistakes before the JEE Exam

To err is human. But, we can rectify our mistakes if we are willing to accept our flaws. Analyze the mistakes you commit while attempting practice sets. When you are aware of the mistakes, and your behavior, you can correct it before the final examination. Further, with regular practice, you will know the drill to handle the mistakes in an efficient manner.