Samsung has successfully launched Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ and for the next year, Samsung is going to ring the bells by launching an innovative, advanced technology, Galaxy S9 smartphone. Upcoming Galaxy S9 is set to rival the iPhone 8, LG G7 and other high-end flagship smartphones. With the specifications of Samsung Galaxy S9, we can hypothesize what the future would be. After a long wait, we are ready to talk about the innovative features of the Samsung Galaxy S9, one of the most controversial top-end smartphone of recent time.


Samsung Bixby is the real news of the S8 software and falls within the concept of harmonization of use of digital systems provided by the manufacturer. It represents a fully integrated intelligent system with your smartphone, and offers the possibility of obtaining a large number of contextual information to our usage habits, perfectly integrated with the camera, where they offer details on the object framed and the ability to make on an order via the online store. In Galaxy S9, there will no special physical side button for Bixby as found in Galaxy S8. Moreover, the smart virtual assistant of Galaxy S9 will be highly optimized and the phone will be capable of resolving all the issues faced by Galaxy S8, mainly the visual recognition feature of Bixby.

Audio and AKG headphones

Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus are bundled with the new AKG headphones in all distribution markets. The device supports 32-bit audio encoding, providing an unprecedented audio quality, both in the low-pitched tones that in those high. Recent rumors suggest that the upcoming innovative smartphone S9 will come out next year with a cutting-edge audio setup. Samsung’s recent announcement to procure audio products from Harman International to give the users the superior functions including Bluetooth speaker from JBL which are pocket-friendly, light-weighted, simple and stylish.

Samsung Galaxy S9 – Battery

After the Note 7 disaster, the company has reconsidered its choices for adoptions of the energy industry. This year, Samsung Electronics has opted for solutions from 3,000 to 3,500mAh. However, with typical use normalized, we will be able to cover more than the classic day of use. Next year, Samsung Company with the release of its upcoming master S9 will offer the user a Non-flammable battery, solid state battery which ensures zero risks of exploding the battery or catching fire. Solid-state batteries contain no liquid that could splash out and cause danger. The Galaxy S9 will exhibit a Non-removable Li-Po 5000mAh battery capacity including wireless charging and quick charging. The charging will last for about two and half days.

Samsung Galaxy S9 – Final Considerations

The new top range of South Koreans, Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8 + are offered at list prices of € 829 and € 896. It is expected that the upcoming terrific Samsung Galaxy S9 will be marketed at a high-priced of about € 924.48. In the case of disbursement, it is not just within the reach of all.

With regard to performance and safety aspect, Samsung has certainly almost reached absolute perfection.