When serving alcohol in Houston, TX, the party delivering the alcohol must obtain a city of Houston liquor license. This cannot be overlooked because if you violate this regulation, there are serious legal consequences.

How to Qualify

To qualify for a Houston alcoholic beverage license, the potential licensee must be 21 years, or older. Additionally, the potential licensee:

  • During the previous five years, they must have no felony convictions
  • During the previous two years, they must have not violated state liquor laws
  • During the previous two years, they must not have any moral turpitude violations regarding liquor laws

To receive an on-premise alcohol permit, applicants must provide documentation from the Houston city clerk that indicates that their business establishment is located in a zone that allows alcohol service and in a location that is permitted to remain open later. For permits given to those who intend to serve only wine and beer, the business owners are required to verify the alcohol content of their beverages.

For off-premise permits, applicants must use the specific documentation received from Houston’s city clerk. Additionally, constructive notice is required and accomplished by publishing the notice in a local newspaper.

Steps To Applying

Business owners intending to serve alcohol daily, have the option to apply for a liquor license by contacting the Houston’s Sheriff’s office directly. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission issues more than 20 different licenses, so it is really important to obtain the information you need to choose the correct license.

For instance, someone who needs a Texas beer license does not have to meet the same requirements as someone planning to serve cocktails in a restaurant establishment.

Once the correct forms are obtained, it is imperative that the applicant complete the forms without a mistake, because errors typically bring about frustrating delays. Applicants seeking a permit through the City of Houston liquor license division, must deliver them to the Texas State Controller’s Office, as well as Houston’s City Secretary.

Once received, the TABC performs the mandated background check, interview, and then the applicant will be assigned a date to appear before a judge for a hearing. When an approval is issued, the newly licensed will pay the required taxes and await the permit to be issued by the TABC.

Liquor licensing is a comprehensive process and can take some time to complete. The best way to avoid the potholes and pitfalls of the liquor license process is to seek help by hiring a Liquor License service company. By using a license service provider in Houston, you have an advocate who already knows the state and local laws regarding the many different licenses and permits issued by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. It is a prudent choice.