The tantalizing aroma of a baked potato in oven is one that very few people can resist. Potato has become a popular vegetable tuber that people from almost every country on earth consume. Naturally, different recipes have been discovered –new and exciting ways of preparing a potatoes meal.

Potatoes can be boiled, fried, mashed, roasted –just in any way they can be prepared. However, baked potatoes in different recipes are popular for their taste and health benefits. The three most popular baked potato recipes in eateries and even in various homes are baked potato pie, baked potato chips, and baked casseroles.

  1. Baked potato pie: Potato pies have a long history in the family diet. Today, not a few families will celebrate thanksgiving without a baked potato pie to eat with turkey. The ingredients are quite cheap and easy to gather. Flour, spices, olive oil, cream, milk, etc. are some ingredients needed. Sweet southern potatoes are mostly preferred as they make a rich, creamy pie. The potatoes are mashed evenly, then mixed with flour and cream and milk mixture. Baked potato in oven pie can be garnished with paprika and parsley, fresh tomatoes, and sweet pepper.
  2. Baked potato chips: Irish potatoes are commonly used for baked potato pies. They are much healthier than fried chips and taste even better. Ingredients include olive oil, salt, pepper, and potatoes. The potatoes are sliced thin, covered lightly with olive oil, salt, and pepper are added, and then it is baked. Per serving, baked potato pie has much fewer calories than fried potato pies and yet, it fills the stomach just as much. For garnishing, simple dressings can be added, or a yummy yogurt can go along with it.
  3. Baked potato casserole: Casseroles are delicious –whether potatoes or otherwise. However, baked potato in oven casseroles are an excellent choice when you need something really delicious and healthy. They are easy to make, and have just the right amount of calories for a healthy meal. The ingredients are cheese or butter, cream, scallions, fresh pepper, and parsley to garnish. Bacon or sausage can also be used. The potatoes first baked, then whilst still hot, they are mashed with butter and cream, then mixed with the scallions and fresh pepper, bacon, or sausage is then added to complete the casserole.

Baked potato in oven can be enjoyed in different ways; your imagination is the only limit to the recipes you can enjoy.