Erectile dysfunction is a condition where a man’s penis cannot be erected or he cannot keep his penis firm throughout sexual intercourse. In other words, it is called as impotence. This is not a rare problem faced by men rather it is a common issue that many fail to address due to shyness. However, it is important for these people to come out and see a professional sexologist in order for this problem to be solved and for them to lead a healthy lifestyle. Failure to resolve this matter can only lead to the being affected mentally as there are some serious consequences that follow.

First of all, when a man has this problem especially when they are married, it is going to have a serious impact on their married life. This is because when a man fails to satisfy their wife during sexual intercourse they feel somewhat powerless and that their masculinity is demolished. Following that, without seeking medical attention or talking to their wife or anyone about it, they keep it to themselves and this builds up stress and could even lead to depression. Hence, their mental health deteriorates and this could be life-threatening.

Besides that, sometimes the wife fails to understand what the man is going through and thinks that because he fails to satisfy them they are unworthy and useless. Not only that, these wives tend to seek satisfaction elsewhere and probably even have an affair. When the man comes to know of this activity, they would be devastated and therefore could lead to psychiatric problems that may get out of hands if too serious. This negative impact on mental health came from the wife who fails to understand and advise their husband to seek medical attention due to their erectile dysfunction problem.

Furthermore, a problem like erectile dysfunction can cause a man to feel lack of confidence and self-esteem. This would then lead to them feeling hopeless which could start affecting their mental health as time goes by. This is probably because a man’s masculinity is at stake here and that could make them feel shy and scared of being ridiculed by others. They then feel the need to isolate themselves from society and being more anti-social. In this case, it is best to talk to someone professional about it. They are trained professional and would definitely be able to help them medically and psychologically.

In addition to that, erectile dysfunction can also have a negative impact on mental health in terms of lack of interest in sex. Some people due to a certain medical condition has decreased libido or otherwise known as sexual interest. This could probably bring a great deal of stress to them because they are starting to worry why they are not as normal as other people. They might even start questioning their sexuality due to this issue. All these confusions can lead to a string of problems on the individual’s mental health. Thus, seeking medical attention in order for this problem to be addressed, sorted out and solved should be the person’s main concern.

Based on all these issues stated above, it is very clear that mental health can be seriously affected due to erectile dysfunction. It could be in any way possible whether it is destroying our marriage life, questioning our sexuality, lacking self-esteem, depression, stress, personality disorder or many others. Hence, the smartest move would seek medical attention and also talk to a psychologist regarding these issues. It is difficult for all these to be dealt alone and that could definitely be helped. With this, the issue at hand can be resolved to be it medically or mentally.