Pens, keychains, mugs, diaries- bored of these routine gifts that companies give as corporate gifts? Each customer has probably one too many of them that he passes on these to someone else. Want to gift your customer something unique and different this 2018? Check out these fresh ideas for corporate gifting in 2018 and make a mark in the minds of your clients by giving them one of these.

Best Corporate Gifts for 2018

  1. A Wellness gift

2018 has become a year of physical fitness. All around you, you can only hear of marathons, biking, hiking, trekking, gymming etc. why not show you care a lot for your client or staff welfare this 2018, by offering them a wellness gift? It could be a discount coupon at a popular gym in town, a partial membership at a fitness club or even a subscription to healthy food offerings.

This novel idea will surely impress your clients and employees as it expresses the concern you have for their health and well-being.

  1.     A beauty subscription

Everyone wants to look their best. Get your clients or staff a beauty box subscription for 3 months and watch them go head over heels in delight!

Beauty subscription boxes are available in plenty for men and women. They come in various types – organic, vegan, Indian, Korean, etc. Offer your clients or employees the subscription and ask them to choose among the different types of boxes available for that value. They will be truly pleased and will turn up more presentable than ever for their office work.

  1.     A techie treat

Technology is never out and certainly not this 2018. Get your clients some tech gadgets that they will appreciate and use daily. Choose among the range of affordable tech devices that fit into your budget like Bluetooth speakers, headsets, fitbits, power banks, etc.

Your client or employee will surely rave about these gifts as they are trendy, techie and truly functional gifts.

  1.     Accessory combos

This can be a smart and affordable option of corporate gifting to impress your customers and staff in 2018.  Yes, everyone is in need of an accessory always to complete their dressing style. Men need ties, handkerchieves, wallets, belts or cufflinks. Women need purses, clutches, handbags, combs, vanity mirrors or makeup kits.

Why not gift an “accessory combo” to your client or employee to give the final touch to his dressing? You can even brand them with your brand initials to make sure he/she never forgets your gift.

Accessories make affordable options and can be assembled as per your requirement and taste. You will have a wide range of products to choose from and can come up with a winning combination that pleases your customers.

  1.     Gift an experience

Be it, customers or employees, you have interacted with them only on a professional basis. With this gift, you have a chance to touch their lives personally by offering them an experience they will truly relish and cherish.

Yes, gift employees or clients an “experience treat” like a paid vacation, a spa visit, a reserved lunch or dinner or even movie or concert tickets. This gift will be something different and unforgettable as it will become a part of their memories for life.

  1.     A learning initiative

Who doesn’t want to upgrade their skills? Everyone does. Offer your clients or employees a leaning initiative as a gift by registering them for an online course, a boot camp or workshop. Your clients and employee will surely appreciate this as it adds to their skill set and experience.

If you don’t want this to be too professional,  sign them up for a Yoga camp, Meditation course or even a Tai-chi workshop to help them relive their work stress. This will be a gift that is genuinely appreciated.

  1.     Work essentials

This evergreen option of Corporate gifting still lives on in 2018. Gift your employees and clients corporate gifts that they will use in their daily life at home or office. Diaries, desk cubes, pen stands, desk clocks or visiting card holders are always favoured by your customers.

Make 2018 special to your customers, clients and employees by offering them corporate gifts with a difference. Choose among the above options to add a distinctive touch to your 2018 corporate gifting.