When it comes to choosing a wood fence for your Austin-area property, the plethora of options from which to choose may overwhelm you. But the decision can be made easier by considering two elements: form, or the style of the fence, and function, or the practical purpose the fence will serve. An experienced wood fence company in Austin TX  can help you navigate the many fencing options and successfully marry both form and function. Below are some tips for selecting the right wood fence based on these principles.

When Considering Form

Between the many types of wood from which to choose and the numerous fence styles, consider compatibility with your home and your landscape. Texas boasts a wide range of house styles, from bungalows and craftsman to ranch and Spanish Revival. A fence can enhance or clash with the style of your home. Likewise, fence style can help define the character of a landscape or garden. For instance, split-rail fences have long been associated with ranch-style houses and plains or desert areas, such as the southwest region of the U.S. This rustic style of fence is usually made of timber logs split lengthwise into rails. A picket-style fence, on the other hand, is a more versatile fence, and thus a natural choice for a variety of house styles and landscape designs. Ideally, your fence will work in harmony with your house style and landscape design.

When Considering Function

While it is important to consider form, function is usually the primary reason most homeowners opt to install a wood fence. Whether your goal is to increase your level of privacy, keep young kids and pets contained, or create an additional layer of security, fences can fulfill many functions. Prioritizing your needs will help you determine the most functional fence for your property. For instance, if privacy is your main concern, a board-on-board wood fence can provide a solid visual barrier between your yard and your neighbor’s. This type of fence can also help reduce noise. If you wish to maintain your view of the surrounding landscape, but you need to keep small children or pets contained, choosing a fence with a more open design seems a better fit.

When faced with countless fencing options, considering the primary intended function of a fence can help inform your choice. But function isn’t the only thing to consider. An experienced wood fence company in Austin TX can also help you think in terms of form, or style, when selecting a suitable fence for your property. If you’re looking for a reputable wood fence company in Austin TX, look no further than Barrier Fence.