When it comes to promoting business, one wants to leave no stone left unturned. Everyone wants to increase networking as much as possible. Business cards are a primitive player in the field of networking. They serve as a medium of promotion or advertisement for professionals from nearly every field. Handymen can also get business cards to make people know about their skills and call them for help. However, the output in the form of an effective business card demands the input of some requisite investments. Here, in this article are presented some ideas and innovations that are effective, and of course, their implementation is within budget. A handyman can have cheap cute business cards.

Into Handyman Business Cards

Since handymen are skilled at a wide range of professions, a handyman business card should be employed to serve a wide range of purposes. Let us look at some of the jobs, and the ideas that fit in their respective business cards.

  1. Electrician: To repair electrical devices is the work of an electrician. An electrician may use colors that used to represent electricity in the layout. The shape of the business card may also get modified in the shape of thunder, a probable method to showcase their job. 
  2. Mechanic: Modification in the shape of a business card may prove to be an impressive tool for a mechanic to foster his business. A business card can be in the shape of a tool that a mechanic uses. The application of simple dark colors in the card portrays colors involved in his work.
  3. Hand Embroider: Their card may contain an enticing example of their embroidery. It displays their skills that get embedded in the viewers’ minds. 
  4. Furniture Maker: Giving a 3D touch to their business card does the work of making a long-lasting impression in the recipient’s mind. In this case, a business card can be in the shape of furniture to make it interactive with the recipient.
  5. Delivery Boy: Image of a scooter that conventionally accompanies a delivery boy can be used to give a funny mood to the business card.