Dealing with funeral planning can be stressful and stressful and overwhelming since emotions are already high. Losing someone is never an easy matter to deal with. However, a funeral should be done appropriately to honor and commemorate loved ones the best way they deserve. To help with that, here is an introductory step-by-step funeral planning guide that families can use.

Important considerations

When planning a funeral, it is essential to consider all the wishes of the loved ones. Check if funeral instructions are included in the will and if there are life insurances of funeral cover to pay for the funeral. Sometimes, people include funeral instructions in their will or funeral plan. They might also have talked it through with their family or someone close. If the deceased left funeral instructions but are impractical or outside the family’s financial capability, do not worry. Focus on what can be achieved with the budget in hand.                                                  

Look for a funeral director

One of the crucial matters to consider when planning a funeral is whether a funeral director will be needed or not. Since it is a difficult time for the families, most of them decide to leave all the arrangements to a funeral director. Funeral directors can take care of the deceased and organizing of any setup and other proceedings. Suppose the deceased had a funeral plan, cover, or a will. In that case, the deceased may have already chosen a funeral director; if not, ask for recommendations or search online. 

Families do not have to use a funeral director to plan the whole funeral. Still, funeral directors can ensure that the deceased loved one is being cared for properly and treated with respect.

Choose between burial or cremation

The three most common funerals are cremation, direct cremation, and burial. Costs might vary between different options. Generally, burial is the most expensive send-off, while direct cremation is the most affordable. The loved one may have asked for a specific funeral service in the will or a funeral plan. But if the family can’t afford it, choose one that fits the budget. 

Plan for the wake

Before planning the wake, check in the deceased’s will or funeral plan if there are specific instructions on how they want their wake to be. For example, did they want people to wear colorful clothes or made the loved one request to play a specific song? Always remember that planning the whole wake and funeral can is an emotional task. Do not rush if possible and get family and friends to help.

Give your loved one the best funeral service 

Funerals are something that all people have a hard time dealing with. Losing a loved one is undeniably the most painful experience a person can have. That is why giving them the best funeral is the right way to honor and commemorate all the best memories with loved ones and to let them know they will forever be loved.

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