Humans, by their very nature laugh at jokes though different people get amused differently. Everything is different otherwise; the world will be a boring place if people do agree on the same things. However, there is a surprise occurrence when the reaction can be dramatic and this is when a joke becomes bad or the joke falls flat. Every comedian has faced a hostile reaction from the crowd when the joke has not gone well with people. People these days vocally and openly lambast any new show if it cannot provide entertainment and fun. Comedy and jokes are unique and they can prompt criticism of performances, albums, films, books, and paintings.

A bad joke is a bad joke. However, at times a joke becomes so ridiculous that it changes its awfulness. You do not want to laugh when your brain rejects it, but you cannot help yourself. This is when you know that it is a bad joke and it is funny. Every person requires a bad joke frequently. The most baddest jokes will make you laugh very hard that you will cry even if you try hard to resist. There is a social aspect of humor and laughter. It is an open public thing. Jokes are said to strengthen bonds among people and they increase group cohesion and others.

Social Aspect

When you are in a group, you are likely to laugh 30 times more compared to when you are alone. This is good; however, all humans are not equal. People like to be liked, accepted by others, be dominant and be the best in a group. Laughter and humor are like this, particularly for men. People laugh at people and show their dominance and to elevate their social status above other people. When a person tells you a joke, you will feel that the person is trying to elevate himself in the social hierarchy. It happens especially when they try to entertain an audience.

A flop joke

If a joke flops it means various things. At a subconscious level, it indicates different things to different people. Someone try to manipulate but fail. Someone try to make you laugh but fail. Someone try to feel socially superior but fail. Some think that they will satisfy your humor and tastes but they go very wrong. This means criticizing and insulting a joke get received in various ways. This makes other people very angry. So, it means that the most baddest jokes are very risky.