If you have gold or gold jewellery to sell or loan in Brisbane you have many options available to you to do so. These include selling to friends/family, auction sites such as eBay, specialised gold websites, sales ads in papers and pawn shops. Here are five excellent reasons why you should opt for a pawn shop.

Ensuring you get the highest price possible

When you choose to sell your gold at a pawn shop, you can be sure of getting the highest price possible; this partly because the price they will offer you will be based on the Australian gold price for that day. This is something that a reputable pawn shop will be monitoring daily.

When you sell to a pawnbroker you also have the security of his experience behind you. Pawn shops sell a lot of gold and can discuss the value of yours with you enabling you to both agree on a fair price.

Loaning against your gold
Sometimes you do not really want to sell your gold but your financial circumstances dictate that you must. With a gold pawn shop, however, this is not the case as they can offer you a loan with your gold as collateral. This option works by the pawnbroker offering you a loan based on the value of your gold. This works on the principle that they loan you the money and you return to pay it back plus interest within a certain time frame. Once you have paid your loan back, your gold is returned to you. In certain circumstances, your pawnbroker may agree to extend your loan.

Build a relationship with rewards
Selling your gold online or by other methods means that you have to deal with strangers. Sell to a pawnbroker, however, and you have the opportunity to build up a relationship that could benefit you in the future should you have more gold or items to sell. This is because selling regularly to a pawn shop could mean that they will offer you a higher price or loan on your gold.

No dealing with strangers
Using a gold pawn shop takes away all the problems that can come along with dealing with strangers in regards to purchasing your gold. For example, selling to a stranger can be inconvenient in that you either have to go and meet them somewhere or invite them to your home to finalise the sales transaction. This opens you up to scams such as being given cancelled checks or the buyer trying to haggle on the price already agreed. This is all avoided when you use a gold pawn shop, you just simply sell!

Fast and efficient money making
Transactions with a gold pawn shop are fast and efficient usually taking well under an hour. Selling other ways, however, can take what seems like forever with the listing, the waiting for interest and the negotiations on price. By using a pawn shop you can also take advantage of rises in gold prices. Simply wait for a day when the gold prices are at their highest and then go visit your pawnbroker. In conclusion, there is actually very little to say. Using a pawn shop for all your gold selling needs is clearly the way to go!