If your car is looking a little dingy, it might be time to spruce it up. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to do so, but with a little effort, your car can look fresh, clean and ready to roll.

Wash and Detail

Your first step in sprucing up your car is to give it a good wash job. You could run your car through an automatic car wash, or you can pull out the hose, fill a bucket with soap and water and go to it. Pay special attention to the windows, headlights, taillights and mirrors. When you’ve finished, add a coat of wax for extra shine.

When you’ve finished cleaning the outside of your car, turn your attention to the inside. Scrub the dashboard, and use a glass cleaner on the inside of the windows. Pick up debris, and scrub out stains on the seats with upholstery cleaner. Give the floor a good vacuuming, and wash off the floor mats. All this detailing will take some time, of course, but you’ll have a bright, clean car in the end.

Add Accessories

After you’ve washed and detailed your car, you may want to add some accessories that will help keep it clean. New floor mats or seat covers are good options as are a car air freshener and a handy, hanging trash bag. If you’re into music, you can upgrade your sound system a bit with new speakers. There are plenty of options.

Adjust the Look

If you want to go a bit further in your spruce up, you can adjust the look of your car. Have scratches and dents repaired, and consider a new paint job and new tires if necessary. You might also think about chrome delete Los Angeles CA, a technique that installs a vinyl covering over your car’s chrome features for a whole new look.

Now sit back and enjoy your shiny, spruced-up car.