Living in Florida, you know just how hot and humid it can get. In fact, sometimes it feels like it is never going to cool off and be comfortable outside or in. That’s why having the right HVAC system in Tampa is so important.

Understanding Your HVAC System

A heating ventilation and air conditioning system or HVAC is what keeps the air quality in your home at top levels. It does this by using the filtration and ventilation aspects of its system along with the heating and cooling aspects to move warm and cool filtered air in and out of your home.

In addition, your HVAC system in Tampa makes it possible to keep the temperature in your home consistent in all of your rooms. It used to be difficult to do so and you’d have one or two rooms that were warmer or colder than the rest of the house.

The Importance of Keeping Your HVAC System in Tampa Working at Peak Performance

When it comes to utility bills, your HVAC system accounts for 40 percent of your utility bill each month. Depending on how cool you set the temperature in your home during the hot summer months in Florida, this can add up to a great deal of money.

If your system is not working at its top performance, you will see your utility bills getting higher and higher as your system will have to work harder and run longer to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

That’s why it makes sense and is suggested to have your system serviced twice a year. Regular maintenance, usually in the spring and fall, will catch any issues before they become major and save you a great deal of money in the long run on repairs and utility bills.

If a repair is needed, your regular maintenance will typically catch it and it can be fixed sooner rather than later. There’s nothing worse than needing to turn the air conditioner on when it’s 90 degrees outside and super humid only to discover it isn’t working.

Refrigerant leaks and compressor failures are common issues with HVAC systems but caught early, you and your family don’t need to suffer through hot weather waiting for a repair.

How to Know It’s Time to Buy a New HVAC System

Sometimes repairs and maintenance aren’t enough, and you’ll have to consider buying a new unit. It’s a major purchase, but there comes a time that trying to keep your old unit running will cost you more than investing in a new one.

If your unit is over twenty years old or if you are having it repaired on a pretty regular basis you should consider looking into a new one. Not to mention, if your unit is older, then you’ll find that newer models are more energy efficient and you will save even more on your monthly utility bills.

If you live in Florida, then ensuring your HVAC unit is running well is of critical importance when it comes to the comfort of your family and your bank balance. With a little planning, it’s easy to do so, and you’ll find that your family and your wallet will thank you.