Fixing credit scores is a challenging endeavor that requires knowledge of procedures. In seeking assistance, different providers have the experience and expertise to support your needs. Here are the ten best credit repair companies that can help you in 2017.

Lexington Law

Lexington Law is one of the best credit repair companies that specialize in supporting clients to fix bad credit. Their paralegal background is valuable in educating customers about the process. The company also offers affordable fees to assist people trying to save money. The only drawback of Lexington Law is that the discounts they offer are relatively lower compared to other providers available.

Sky Blue

Sky Blue is another reputable company that offers flexible and affordable options to achieve credit repair. The main advantage of using the company is that their payment schemes allow you to pause service. If you are budget sensitive, then this is a viable option to use. The company also boasts strong customer service. The issue with Sky Blue is that it lacks a platform to monitor the progress of your claims.

The Credit People

The Credit People gives affordable and flexible solutions for people trying to improve their credit score. It is a suitable option for people on a tight budget and seeks to achieve favorable outcomes. For a six-month service, they can get the job done. The main drawback is the company lacks supportive resources to educate customers about the process. is a comprehensive resource that can assist in performing credit repair. The benefits of using the company are their straightforward payment system and excellent resources to help you understand corrective actions for your credit score. The main drawback of the company is that they are relatively expensive but get more value from the money you paid for.


Ovation is a reputable credit repair company that fixes bad credit. The main advantage of selecting the provider comes from its affordable fees and the availability of credit monitoring for additional tier services. However, if you are just starting to understand the process, you might need to consult other resources as the company offers limited educational materials.


My Credit Group is another company that specializes in credit repair. It is a good option for married couples due to the availability of discounts. You can readily save more than 30% if you avail of the company’s credit repair service. The drawback of using the company comes from limited information to educate clients. It might not be advisable for people trying to understand the whole credit repair process.

Veracity Credit Consultants

Veracity Credit Consultants offer the customer a cost-effective solution for credit repair. They try to help people remove inaccuracies and errors in their credit report. The company provides sufficient educational resources. The main issue with the company is the need to pay more to receive higher service and coordinate with creditors.

MSI Credit Solutions

MSI Credit solutions provide opportunities to understand credit repair through the use of video tutorials and explanations. It gives customers the chance to petition items for changes. The challenge in selecting the company is that disputes can become costly, especially if you have a lot of negative items on your credit report.

The Credit Pros

The Credit Pros offers clients the chance to improve their credit score. The advantage of using the company comes from its continued effort to help people through education. They regularly maintain a blog that details credit-related topics. The main issue with Credit Pros is that they also charge high fees compared to other providers.

Credit Saint

Lastly, there is Credit Saint. Their primary expertise is dealing with negative items in your credit score. The company offers a three-tier approach to solve the problem and an online portal that helps you monitor the progress of your disputes. The main drawback, however, is that the company charges high fees to receive unexceptional service

The Bottom Line

Overall, the different companies above help you address issues with your credit report. Although each one varies regarding service and fees, each one provides support and value to increase your rating. Carefully researching and reviewing each company’s coverage, price, and added benefits can help you make a decision that aligns with your situation.

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