Shopping for a car was a horrible experience for me I had been to several lots and I was so frustrated by the pushy sales staff and the high prices. I was shocked to find out that several dealerships don’t even come down one penny off of their sticker price. I was finally able to make a great Ford purchase at Mooresville. The price on the Ford Mooresville quoted me was much lower than any other quote I had gotten in the past. I was also impressed with the fact that the price that I was quoted was much less than the sticker price as well. 

The selection that was at the Mooresville dealership was very impressive, they had several varieties of each make and model. Lots of Mustangs, trucks of all models and even the best looking SUV’s I’ve seen from any of the makes available. The colors were also broad. Silver, black, white and even fire engine red was plentiful on the lot. The Ford Mooresville had that I was so interested in was the Ford Expedition. I wanted it because it was the right fit for my family. With 5 children, we needed leg room, head room and most of all elbow room. I need my children to not be able to touch one another when we were in the car. 

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The line of Expeditions that were available was nice. They had them all with different features and any bell and whistle that I could have hoped for. Most importantly for my Ford Mooresville purchase, they had to get on my level with the price. I had a number in my head that I was hoping they would be able to get at and they did. I was amazed at how hard my sales guy worked but he made it happen. I couldn’t have ask for better service when buying my Ford and since I have bought it the after the sale service has been just as impressive. 

I tell everyone that comments on my new Expedition that I went to the best dealership for Ford Mooresville has to offer. My family loves the comfort that we have when we are in the SUV, we’re able to travel without the kids being fussy about to someone on their side of the car. We can now ride in peace and quiet no matter where we go. My Expedition has the cargo space that I need as well for hauling groceries, sports equipment for the kids and even a tuba for my little band student. I couldn’t be more pleased with my new car, the deal that I was able to get or the quality service that I experienced when making my new car purchase.