Are you planning to purchase a car? Do you know what a test-drive entails? A test drive is vital in assessing your potential car’s performance. Besides, it helps you know whether the vehicle meets your requirements. Antwerpen Hyundai Catonsville sells a variety of old and new automobiles.

Three Things to Do When Taking a Test-drive

Determine Your Needs

  • Driving conditions: It is crucial to evaluate your typical driving conditions. Also, test the car’s performance under such circumstances. Decide on an ideal driving style and routine that you will follow.
  • Supplemental activities: They significantly affect your car choice when making a purchase. For instance, if you are a passionate horse rider, you could be interested in horsepower, mirror placement, and the car’s turning capability.
  • Recreational needs: The ideal vehicle should satisfy an individual’s recreational needs. If you intend to use the automobile in a hiking adventure; you might consider test-driving it in steep areas.
  • Passengers’ comfort: If you will have frequent passengers, it is recommended to have low seats and a precisely located rear-view mirror.

Arrange the Test Drive

  • Specific features: The car’s powertrain significantly influences its handling ability. A subtle issue such as the vehicle’s trim can create undesirable wind resistance.
  • Test drive appointment: After compiling a list of the car’s desired features, book a test drive appointment with Antwerpen Hyundai Catonsville.
  • Driving gear: When test-driving, you will need a gym bag, work materials, and some refreshments. Besides, you can use large objects during a test-show.

Taking the Test Drive

Photocopy vital documents: Some cunning dealerships withhold some sensitive documents. Before sealing the deal, photocopy the front and back sides of your driving license or Identity Card (ID) and give them to the salesperson. Avoid giving them your real ID.

Test your handling and speed: Drive the vehicle in different types of traffic at ideal speeds. Drive over bumps to observe how the automobile’s shock absorption ability. Firmly apply the brakes when in open space to test the braking system. Note the brake pedals feel and assess its rigidity.

Test the radio: Evaluate is when the car is stationary. The radio’s songs can influence your test drive opinion. It is essential when purchasing used vehicles. Besides, you also need to listen to the engine’s sound while at various speeds.

Make the purchase: Once you are satisfied by the car’s performance, negotiate for a price cut. Buy the vehicle upon agreeing with the dealership.

Antwerpen Hyundai Catonsville sells new and used cars. We are in Baltimore area. Call us up for a free consultation. Moreover, we work closely with Hyundai Hope On Wheels program in aid to raise funds for pediatric cancer research.