The last thing you are going to be worried about immediately after an auto accident is hiring an attorney, but that is exactly the first call you should be making after your injuries are attended to. Regardless if you are trapped in a hospital bed unable to move, call the local auto accident attorney and they will consult with you wherever you are and start preparing your case now. These are a few of the reasons to hire a skilled accident attorney to begin working your case as soon as you can reach for a telephone.

Gathering Vital Accident Evidence 

Every day that passes after the accident, critical evidence is disappearing from the scene where your injuries occurred. The sooner the call to the injury attorney, the faster they can deploy their accident investigative team to that scene to begin preserving evidence and helping build this case. That accident investigative team will take hundreds of pictures of the surrounding area, gather important measurements of that location, videotape the scene, and even find eyewitnesses to get their testimony preserved so they can easily recall at trial what happened that day.

Attending to Your Injuries 

Your accident attorney has several inroads to the best physicians in this region. That means after you are released from the hospital, you will be sent to meet with these doctors immediately. These highly respected physicians are going to diagnose the extent of your injuries, treat those injuries, and then get you into physical therapy so the healing can begin. Your attorney will consult with these doctors along the way to get their professional opinion about the severity of the injuries moving forward. If needed, these doctors will provide the court their expert testimony to help solidify the claim for a large cash settlement.

Winning the Largest Cash Settlements 

Your personal injury attorney has been working hard behind the scenes to put together a case that will give the insurance company no alternative but settling before trial. If the insurance company decides to not pay the cash settlement for your accident injuries, your attorney has enough evidence to give the judge and jury everything they will need to come back with a ruling in your favor. Many times, the insurance company realizes they have their back against the wall when they decide to go to court, and rather than face a lengthy trial, they settle days before the case is on the docket.

Your auto accident lawyer is working on your behalf to get the responsible party to not only take care of the injuries you sustained, but compensate you long into the future when those injures negatively impact your ability to earn. It is impossible for you to know how much your injuries will affect you months, years, or decades from now, more the reason to have an experienced attorney represent you. To get the biggest cash settlement then, your lawyer needs as much time as possible now, so don’t delay making that call.