Middle child syndrome is the feeling of exclusion experienced by middle children who often go without the attention and structure of the first child or the nurturing of the youngest child. This has been demonstrated effectively in pop culture such as the portrayal of Jan Brady on the The Brady Bunch in the 1970s.

When it comes to the medical field in 2017, it could be said that anesthesia is suffering from middle child syndrome when compared to areas of focus such as internal medicine and surgery. There is often very little recognition of or thought given to the importance of anesthesia until a complication arises. Unfortunately, by that time it is too late to do right by the patient and to protect the standing of your medical practice.

Luckily, you do not have to turn your practice upside down to ensure you have a sound anesthesia component in place. You can leave this in the capable hands of the anesthesia management companies that serve small hospitals and doctor’s offices such as yours. Knowing your anesthesia needs and those of your patients are being met by proven professionals can free up your energy and effort to focus on what you do best.

What Anesthesia Management Companies Can Do For You

Ultimately, how to handle your practice’s anesthesia needs will be a decision you based on what is best for your practice. On that front, anesthesia management companies can add value by achieving the following:

  • Maintaining operational efficiency: Doctors and hospitals are not immune from the rules of the business world and rule number one is that “time is money”. Proven anesthesia management companies can ensure that anesthesia services are delivered in a timely, predictable fashion that allows your practice to run efficiently.
  • Improving customer service: Making sure that the anesthesia team is truly part of your practice and a good fit with the culture of service and patient care you have worked so hard to establish and grow.
  • Reducing costs: Organizations are structured and equipped to manage the costs and resources necessary to maintain ongoing anesthesia operations so you can focus on the rest of your practice.
  • Increase responsiveness: You will always know exactly who to talk to when changing circumstances require strategic decision making. This will allow you to get right down to business
  • Allow strategic growth: Your anesthesia management company will evolve along with your practice, flexing resources to meet needs and working to anticipate the need for future enhancements.

Anesthesia Can Be Your Favorite Child

There’s no reason anesthesia has to be the forgotten middle child that causes you grief. With the help of a proven anesthesia provider in your area, it can be the favorite child that never causes you to lose sleep.