For centuries, people have been drawn to Rome. Once the heart of a great empire, today Rome is still a city that must be seen in person. From the smallest alleys to the largest, grandest spaces in the area, Rome never fails to delight at every single turn. This is why Rome remains of the world’s visited cities. While a short stay can be a taste of the city, for a real look at Roman life, history, art and culture. It is best to consider staying for a longer period of time. Doing so means that the traveler can explore all areas of the city in an unhurried fashion. No need to run from place to place. Instead, the traveler has the full time to savor and appreciate all of Rome. 

At Least a Month 

Many travelers find that at least a month here is ideal. For the student, Roman life means the chance to see many magnificent Roman paintings up close and in-person. For those who are fascinated with ancient Roman history, time allows them to explore the city in greater depth. A longer stay also allows the resident to have time to perfect their mastery of the Italian language. Italian is one of the world’s most important languages. It is spoken in many parts of the world. The student who trying to pick Italian will find that a longer stay in Rome means many chances to practice their language skills with native speakers

Relaxing in Rome 

Longer stays are best done with the right accommodations. Rome holiday apartments make this possible. Such apartments typically have many amenities. For example, the renter can expect access to a private bath as well as room that allows them to relax in the heart of the city. A longer-term apartment stay is also ideal for the traveler who is looking for a chance to establish some roots and get to know the area even better. This can help the traveler make important connections with others when they are in Rome. It can also provide a space that allows them to entertain others they might in meet in a private space in the heart of the city. Look for accommodations that are geared towards allowing relaxed, unhurried travel for an ideal, longer term stay in Rome. 

Getting to Know Roman Life

An extended stay should, above all, be about getting to know Roman life. Rome moves at a certain pace. Romans today, just as the Romans of a generation ago, love their city. They love showing it off to others. They also love welcoming those visitors who make an effort to be part of the city and allow themselves enough time to get to know it in person. A longer stay means time to interact with locals all day long. From the early morning breakfast to the afternoon stroll to an evening outside during the warm spring months, the traveler can truly feel they are part of Roman life.