Whether you’re in your 20s, 30s or 40s, your life changes with every phase in life. And to keep up with these changes, you need to stay fit and healthy. However, many of us make the mistake of prioritising everything – be it kids, family, careers – over our health. And this only means that we’re damaging our health without even realising.

When you’re young and healthy, it can be easy to neglect certain areas of your health. But, experts agree that good health habits and lifestyle choices should start at a young age. Ideally, before your 30s and especially before your 40s. Your younger years are a perfect time to prepare for possible future ailments, injuries, and conditions that may be more difficult to address when you’re older. According to health experts, here are some of the most common wellness areas that women neglect before the age of forty.

  • Not planning your future fertility-

Having a family might not be your only goal in life. But if you are thinking about it, you should start thinking about having a family by your early 30s before your fertility begins to decline. It’s not proven that everyone who has babies after the age of 30 face problems, but it’s always save to be sure. Such problems lead to complications during pregnancy or premature deliveries.

  • Slacking on your exercise routine-

When your work and social life become busy and overwhelming, cutting out your workouts seems like the easiest thing to do but according to experts, it’s actually the most important thing to keep in your daily planner. Even walking regularly helps your body stay active and agile and prevents yourself from diseases that may occur as you grow older.

  • Poor diet-

Even those once-in-a-while occasions of binging on salty, saturated fat-laden foods can add up. Experts agree that a well-balanced, primarily plant-based diet, that contains little red meat and high-fat dairy is the key to good health. But, that doesn’t mean that you should cut out fat altogether. The Mediterranean diet is a perfect model to follow in avoiding the two most common causes of death in women (heart disease and breast cancer) and promoting healthy living. Consuming ‘good’ fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats), which are found in nuts, avocados, and fatty fish—like salmon—promotes healthy aging and reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease and breast cancer.

  • Smoking-

Smoking is still a serious problem in Indian women despite the drastically negative physical and emotional effects it can have on the body. From heart disease, high blood pressure, and lung cancer, smoking is a habit worth kicking. Quitting may be the single best thing you can do to avoid a variety of medical illness and increase your life expectancy. In fact, lung cancer, caused by smoking, is the leading “preventable” cause of cancer. There are many crowdfunding sites in India that are educating the same.

  • Sitting all day-

With busy work schedules, it becomes difficult to find activities through the day. Most of us work in sedentary jobs that require us to sit all day. This decreases metabolic rate, which leads to weight gain. Get up every few hours and go for a quick 5 minute walk.

  • Neglecting your mental health-

Anxiety and depression is so huge and so prevalent. A lot of young adults feel isolated or struggle with feeling sad or anxious. It’s recommended to any women out there: if you are wondering if how you feel is normal or if it is getting in the way of how you live, that’s enough of a reason to see a doctor or to talk to someone about it. Crowdfunding in India is gradually implementing the importance of mental health.

It takes time, but paying attention to your health can help give you a better quality of life now when you’re older, and there’s no better time to start adopting healthy habits than the present.