Your teenage child just got his license a few weeks back. You gave him the privilege of using the family’s car whenever he wants to because, in your defense, he’s a good driver and he can take care of himself. While this might be a fact, you start to get concerned as you pay more and more attention to news stories about teen drivers are often involved in fatal accidents on the road. It’s the stuff of a parent’s nightmare.

You would never want your teenage child to be involved in any of these. To help you achieve that goal, consider the tips below on how to teach teens to drive safely:

  1. Turn the phone off and put it somewhere else.

Teens are always glued to their devices, wherever they may be. They do everything using these little gizmos. But as a parent, you should correct your teen’s mindset and make sure they know how dangerous it is to drive distracted. Many accidents are caused by distracted driving which means that browsing different social media platforms and driving is never a good combination. Teach your child about this. If there are any urgent calls or texts to answer, have them pull over to the side of the road to do their business.

  1. Respect speed limits.

Most often than not, teens love to zoom up and down the road thinking that this will make them look “cool” in the eyes of their friends. Never allow them to do this, as this can put their safety and life on the line. Instead, teach them to respect the speed limits wherever they are. If there are school zone signs in a specific area, instruct them to follow the signs even if it’s a weekend or a holiday. There are now 24/7 speed cameras, and if your child is caught over speeding in these areas, he can still be ticketed for his actions.

  1. Practice zero alcohol tolerance.

Since your child is now a teenager, you’re probably aware of how they love to party, socialize with friends, and experiment with a couple of bottle of beers. This is their way of having fun. There’s nothing really wrong if your child does this; the issue starts if he drinks irresponsibly or when he drives when there is alcohol in his system. Alcohol prohibits a driver from focusing on what’s on the road, which can lead to accidents. Teach your child never to drive after drinking. Suggest that he have someone take him home instead, call you for assistance, or use public transport. Regardless of the amount of alcohol in your child’s system, he shouldn’t take any chances and drive afterward.

  1. Make seatbelts a habit.

Some teens find it inconvenient to wear a seatbelt all the time. They think that it can be a hassle to put it on and take it off repeatedly, especially if they’re planning to make several stops during the trip. As a parent, you should alter this perspective and assert to them the importance of wearing a seatbelt. This little strap can save your child’s life – a fact you should clearly impress upon your child.

When you’re a parent, you always want your child to be safe, most especially when they’re behind the wheel. You don’t want to see them suffer in any way. So, if your teenage child is involved in any kind of auto accident, don’t delay … talk to an auto accident lawyer like this one here. The right experienced attorney will ensure that your teenage child is taken care of, especially if there are legalities involved.

Get Ready to Start Letting Go as Your Child Grows

Learning to drive is an important skill, and all parents are proud of their children as they grow and master new milestone skills like driving. But on the other side of the coin, you’re also worried about what can happen when your child is driving alone, without you along to keep him or her safe.

You don’t want your child to sustain any injuries or harm other people when he’s driving. Keep in mind the points presented in this article, and gradually reinforce such information to your child. Eventually, he’ll learn how to drive safely, all thanks to you!