With the advent of technology, like in another sector, the teaching sector also gets affected. Before, pupils often used to attend the traditional schooling system. The teachers were seeming to use the chalk, duster, art papers for showing flow charts, etc. as a teaching-learning aid. Even students also prefer to attain school and often received the class routine and syllabus manually. And maintain the school curriculum, timetable, keeping account of the library books, etc. often became hectic for the teachers. But thanks to the teaching app and the internet facilities, the teaching process became easier than before. 

There are numerous facilities that a teaching app can provide to both the students as well as the teachers, especially the educators. Without the internet and the teaching app, there are numerous works that an educator needs to maintain while on duty. But with the help of such a teaching app, they can continue with the work in a paperless way and also more precisely. With the help of teaching app or we can say the online learning applications like the extramarks, the teachers can keep the records of the attendants’ sheet of the students easily. Along with this it also provides certain other facilities like:

  • Making learning fun: in the traditional education system, engaging students in studies and that also with chalk, duster, books, and charts often become a more tough task for an educator. Now, with the help of a teaching app, they can set the class in such a way that more and more students could engage in the class learning and get education and knowledge in a more playful way. The teachers could employ some story-related animation films to make the students grasp the information.
  • Keeping student records: keeping each student’s records manually is quite a hectic task. But thanks to the internet and the teaching app, the teachers could easily gather the student’s records as this teaching app often maintain the participant’s records automatically.
  • Paperless work: Giving homework and checking it, taking tests and distributing test results, providing notice, and maintaining all the school-related stuff, often required the use of more paper works. But with the help of a teaching app, such things often required no papers. Now, the educators often set the weekly test or maintain any kind of work related to the students or the schools through the internet where there is no requirement for any manual work.
  • Virtual library: In a traditional library, the students often use the manual library, where one can keep a stock of limited books, but there is no boundation or limitation in a virtual library. Not only the teacher but also the students could access such a library for gaining extra knowledge.
  • Class records: in traditional schooling, keeping the classroom records is not always possible. But thanks to the teaching app, the teachers could maintain the daily class records, even the teaching records, which the students could easily access whenever and wherever they want. Due to this, the teachers no need to reintroduce the classroom teachings and could set their schedule in that way.

The teaching app like the extramarks often works to make the teaching-learning methods easier for the students as well as the teachers. Other than the above-mentioned points, the teaching app also maintained some other advantages. If you want to know those, please follow the links:

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