Red T Shirt and the Fashion Statement

Well, sometimes you may just need a little bit of red in your life. Red, as we know, is the only color which symbolizes so many varied emotions in our life. Red stands for love as well as hatred, on one side it stands for power and also it connotes passion. Whatever be the emotion you want to portray, red is definitely the color to be if one wants to denote the fiercest of any one of the above-mentioned emotions. Now don’t be under the impression that you can sport a red colored T-shirt only when you are out with your partner on the eve of Valentine’s Day or when you want to declare a cold war with your boss for not giving the proper hike. Just kidding, red t shirt can be chosen for any occasion or when there is no occasion at all.

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The color red, with its brightest flames, will make the wearer look smart and good. It looks best when combined with a pair of blue jeans. But that does not mean that one will deter himself from wearing it with a pair of white trousers either. In both the cases, one can very well visualize the dapper a guy will look or the diva a gal will appear. That again does not imply that one should restrict himself or herself to only a pair of white or blue trousers or jeans. There is umpteen number of permutations and combinations with a red t shirt, which the fashionistas can experiment with.  The color red looks good with almost every other color.

Red has a variety of shades starting from lilac-red, deep red, dark red, wine red, brick red, apple red, cherry red and a lot more. Few other colors give us so many options as red does. So, one can just play riot with so many shades of red. When you wear a red colored t-shirt, you cannot really go wrong in what you have decided to wear.  In India, red and its shades are the color for the new brides. In the western countries also, red is the frequently chosen color for any kind of occasion.

Girls are often in love with flaunting, unique looking garments. So, there are various options in red for them. The sleeves can be long or short, the collar can be high or low, the neck can be V-shaped or round and the choices are endless. All of them look really enticing. Even when an old lady wears the color red, she looks enchanting and she feels that her youth has come back to her. Boys are also not behind when it comes to appearing fashionable in front of friends and relatives. Red t-shirt with small holes around the neck, full sleeve t-shirts or the ones with polo neck, all add to the charm and personality of the males. Red is such an intense and magical color that the wearer is visible even from a distance.

Red for the t-shirts, is also a popular color, when it comes to travelling. If youhave decided to visit the pink city of India, any time soon, a red colored t-shirt should definitely be there in your backpack. Rajasthan is itself a colorful and vibrant state and when you want to soak yourself in the colors, red is the best way to do so. The red color is a very popular choice for the tourists as it really looks good in the photographs too. In all, wearing red colored t shirts can definitely give you a classy look.