Patna declared dirtiest city in country, Delhi and Chennai not far behind;  cues to take from cleanest city Indore

You never know what kinds of germs you are going to come in contact with when you leave your house. While unavoidable, you can prepare yourself and be extra cautious while in any of these top four dirty places.

  1. Airplanes 

With hundreds of people gathered into a small space and minimal time to be cleaned between flights, airplanes are hotspots for germs and bacteria. The tray tables are particularly nasty, so take extra care when using this device while eating and drinking. Other spots on an aircraft to be wary of include the headrests, lavatories, in-flight magazines and seatbelt buckles. It might be difficult, but do your best to avoid germ-covered objects while onboard an aircraft.

  1. Public Restrooms

Though public restrooms are an obvious culprit for germs and dirt, the most germ-ridden locations in the bathroom might surprise you. Oddly enough, the toilets are not commonly the dirtiest spot in the restroom, but rather the sinks. One theory for this comes down to the number of people who touch the sink tap with contaminated hands.

  1. Restaurant Menus

Restaurant menus can contain way more germs than the aforementioned toilet seats. This is due to the number of people who touch the menus and how infrequently they are cleaned. Some things you can do to limit or avoid these germs include washing your hands directly after reading the menu or looking up a restaurant’s offerings on your phone or tablet ahead of time.

  1. Fitness Centers

While visiting a gym or fitness center is an incredibly healthy activity, beware of the germs lurking on the equipment and in the locker room. Some of the dirtiest places in gyms include cardio equipment and free weights.

While you shouldn’t be scared to go to these places, take precautions if you need to visit any of these four dirty venues.