Have you ever thought about all the work and technology it takes going into the production of wire products and the wire forming process? The advanced process requires hours of designing and labor to customize wires to your exact needs and standards. With Acme Wire, their in house experts are able to help with the entire wire forming process.

Get custom metal fabrication for everything from the medical to the sporting industries. Acme Wire adheres to strictest standards in the wire forming and manufacturing industry. Before the wire forming process is started, a 3-D model of the wire product is presented to the client.

The whole wire forming process includes:

  • Order and manage to minimize client inventory and lead time
  • Establish pull systems for customer’s maximum flexibility
  • Providing and assembling parts to client’s expectations
  • Custom package designs that save money

The complex design process consists of the Acme Wire’s design concept, blueprint and CAD drawing, tooling, product, and the final product. Their state of the art wire forming technology helps them create and manufacture high-quality wires in different shapes and sizes. From wire baskets to wire guards, Acme Wire enhances the customer experience through technological advancements of wire form manufacturing and production.

Whether you need sturdy metal components for OEM equipment or industrial processes, or you’re looking for custom wire formed parts for medical or HVAC equipment, Acme Wire Products can help you with new or existing projects. Their material expertise includes carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, Inconel, and Monel – with wire diameters ranging from 0.060 inches to 0.50 inches. Standard wire diameters are kept in stock for expedited manufacturing, but special diameters and materials can also be ordered to fit any application.

The stainless steel wire products by Acme Wire can be formed into custom products from baskets, trays, handles, racks and much more. They can be suited for your exact industry needs, making them an extremely versatile manufacturer. Whenever you need for your next wire product, be sure to contact Acme Wire!