The piano is a musical instrument, which was invented in Italy. A piano can be easily played by just pressing keys. Each key acts as a lever that helps the hammer in hitting the string so that it can produce a sound. One has to learn how to play piano, as he needs to learn which key produces what kind of sound. The music so produced by piano helps in uplifting mood of audience. This is one of the reasons that people these days are eager to learn such skills. In order to learn these skills, one has to hire a tutor. It is important to choose the right piano tutor and here are some of the points to be considered to hire the right tutor:

Range of Age

There are different tutors with different ages and expertise levels. The teaching style of different age of tutors is different. So one should surely look that tutor should be used to teach that specific age group. There is always said that there is no age limit to learn anything new. Some old people think that they cannot learn piano but the truth is that there are many tutors who can even teach old people.

 Lesson structure

There are different kinds of structure lessons depending upon different tutors. Some tutors focuses on just teaching songs whereas some focuses on teaching theory and scales. If someone is just merely learning piano for fun then he should just learn songs. But if someone is really dedicated and keen to learn all about piano then he should surely go for theory and scale learning. It just depends upon different tutors that what is his teaching pattern and criteria.

Where and When?

One should see that where does he wants to learn piano. One can go for classes or either he can have private classes. Another option is online classes. One can go for online classes as well if he can follow up well and easily able to cope up. On should also make sure that when is piano tutor free and whether his schedule matches with yours or not.

Value for Money

One should also see that what is the tutor charging and whether what it is charging is creating value for money or not. If tutor is charging too much then one can surely go for online tutorials and classes.


One should also see what the nature of piano tutor is and how he behaves with you. Also whether is he polite or not. Nature can be judged on other aspects as well. He should be soft spoken and easily adaptive to changing circumstances. He should be understanding as well. He should not be lethargic as it affects student’s performance as well. He should be punctual and at times strict as well if so needed.

Learning piano is a rewarding experience that one can ever have. It relaxes not only ones mind but also of people around him. Piano tutors near me are easily available and can teach you something that will stay for lifetime with you.