This External HD data recovery is well-suited with most recent Mac OS versions. The data recovery application is already suited with Mac OSs, such as Sierra MacOS, Yosemite and El Capitan. It is to recover external HD data along with most Windows file systems. It runs well with all Windows operating systems such as Windows 2008, 2003, Vista, XP, 7, 8, and 10. The least system requirements for external hard HD data recovery are 1/4th of 1GB RAM or more. Sometimes, there also needs to consider hard drive repair service for HD repair.

External HD data recovery process

First, connect a hard disk for backup with the computer.

  1. Download free software of data recovery (check the operating system you are currently using on the computer and get the free version of the software you need) and install it on your system by doing as these steps bellow.
  1. Run the external HD recovery program once it is completely installed on the machine and follow the procedures that are visible in the hard disk drive recovery software.
  1. Select the “External Devices Recovery” option to recover your data on hard drive. You must provide the correct path by which the file is lost.
  1. The HD recovery software application performs scans and displays all physical, logical, and external HDs linked to your computer.
  1. Select the ath that stands for the portable backup HD and click the “Start” option.
  1. The HD recovery software application performs the scanning process, and the software displays all results in two views.
  1. Click “Tree View” to see the recoverable documents in a hierarchical format for recovery from hard drive or click the “View Files” tab to see the documents according to file extension formats.
  1. Check bothhard disk recovery views, and then choose files that you like to recover through the application.
  1. After performing all the steps above on recovery from the hard drive, save the data that is redeemed to the desired location. The rescue location will not be the same as the portable backup hard drive.

Tips for the portable backup HD

    • Do not remove the portable backup HD suddenly during the process of transferring or copying files.
    • Defragment the computer HD regularly to improve the operating system performance.
    • Save your vital data in read-only mode.
  • If physical surface of HD is damaged then hire hard disk service for such problems.