Expository essay is a type of academic writing which intends selecting the main idea and providing evidence, explanations, and summaries to support it and reach the finite effect in the end. An expository essay adds to the analytical, structuring, and writing skills of the author and often helps to get prepared to research paper writing.

General Tips

To make expository essay relevant and of high-quality one should follow some general tips:

  • Exploit the academic approach: consider the idea, explore it, provide evidence, and relevant conclusions.
  • Express a clear and precise view of the topic under study.
  • Follow the structure: introduction, main body, conclusion.
  • The introduction should contain thesis statement, expressing the central idea of the essay, while other parts support it.
  • Exploit pre-writing strategies to reach best outcome in the end.

Pre-writing Strategies

Pre-writing strategies allow us to express the ideas in the best way, analyze gathered information, set to writing the final essay with ease.

  • Planning – study the assignment, consider target audience, and gather credible sources.
  • Freewriting – write down everything that comes to mind without editing, highlight the most valuable ideas after you finish, and exploit them to repeat the exercise.
  • Questioning – answer What? Who? Why? Where? When? How? questions to explore the topic and sources deeply.


Exploit ideas from pre-writing exercises and gathered materials to write down the final draft regarding the structure. The introduction should cover the opening statement describing the topic and intended to attract readers, and thesis statement, expressing the central idea under study. The main body should provide evidence and explanations supporting the central idea. The conclusion focuses on your findings and restates the central idea one more time.


The expository essay writing process is a difficult one and requires thorough preparation and efforts in performance. Yet, it greatly adds to the research, analytical, and writing skills of the author and allows to excel in academic writing in the future.

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