This is the favorite type of domain name for anyone. But first you may be wondering, what is a keyword? It’s the word or phrase that a person can look for in a search engine to find what they are looking for. Before using any domain name service, you need to choose that keyword. If you typed “Blue Round Widgets” in Google so that these would be the keywords you were looking for, alias a key phrase.

When to use keyword names using generic words. There is very little chance you will violate another people’s trademark. No one is allowed to mark a generic word, like the word “fruit.”

Now let’s say that your company sells “Blue Round Widgets”. This is your first and only product and its fundamental selling tons of these little things. When a person searches for the keyword phrase “Blue Round Widgets” it is very desirable for them to find you without having to spend money on Pay Per Click advertising, commonly abbreviated as PPC.

When the site comes naturally to this key phrase this is called an Organic list, a PPC verses list you paid for. The keyword domain name that has the keywords you directed to everything that is trying to sell yours is much easier to get on the first page of the search engine results page, aka SERP, with another good Search Engine Optimization. This is commonly abbreviated as SEO.

If the company name was “We Make Cool Toys inc.” and your company have used this business domain name. You could buy something like or If someone tried “Round Blue Widgets” your site would not so easily rank highly because “We Make Cool Toys” and “Blue Round Widgets” are totally different words, nor related in any kind of way. or maybe even better The keyword is exactly what the user is looking for, so it is much more relevant for the search to be conducted. In fact, it’s an exact match which is fantastic! Now with a relevant keyword and yourself will not get to page # 1. If you have chosen a keyword, then go to Reg-names domain name services and register it.