IES is considered amongst the most attempted examination of all the examination conducted by UPSC. Numerous people submit their forms for the technical and managerial functions of Government of India. UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) selects the IES officers after the candidate has undergone the rigorous procedure after clearing the qualifying competitive exams. Because candidates appear in such a big ratio, the selection procedure is difficult. This is the main reason why the people serving the posts enjoy high reputation in the society.

The candidate can work under the following streams after he has cleared the IES exam.

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Telecommunications engineering
  • Electrical engineering

Education qualification regarding IES exams:

  • The candidate should have a Degree from any recognized college or University in order to appear for the test.
  • The candidate should have an M.Sc degree or equivalent degree in any of the science or computer’s stream.

Preparation for the test:

Before the candidate starts preparing for the test, he should know what all is included in the test so that he can prepare for all the sections properly. Following points will help him in learning about the different sections included in the IES test.

  • 1st Stage: (Objective Paper)

There are two papers conducted at this stage. The first is common for every candidate and has questions which would test the general awareness of the candidate and the common engineering aptitude. The second is the specific paper only for those candidates who wish to appear for their specific engineering discipline.

  • 2nd Stage: (Conventional Paper)

This stage again has two papers regarding the specific engineering discipline of the candidate. The subtotal of these papers would define if the candidate has cleared this stage or not. After clearing the second stage, the candidate qualifies for the personality test or personal interview.

Under this stage, the personality of the candidate is tested and marks are given accordingly. The candidate who clears all three stages has his name in the merit list.

Basic Guide to IES exam preparation

Preparation for bachelors degree

The candidate should start preparing for the IES test during the bachelor’s degree. He should understand each and every concept of the subject and make notes accordingly. This would spare him the last moment panic of making notes and revising from them.

Awareness regarding deduction of marks

The system of negative marking is applied in all the tests. So, the best way to abstain from negative marking is to leave the question unattempted.

Time management while preparation

Time management is quite basic but the most important part of a student appearing in UPSC exams. The management starts all the way you start preparing for the examination. The candidate should partially divide his time according to the topics and the syllabus.

Preparation from coaching institutes

The candidate can also go to different coaching institute after completion of the bachelor’s degree. This will be helpful for him to overcome the fear of competition. These institutes conduct various mock tests on the same pattern as that of the IES test. Such institutes also help the candidate to overcome the following:

  • In getting an idea how to solve different questions during the test.
  • The candidate is able to have a self-assessment on the topics prepared by him.
  • The candidate is able to notice the mistakes he makes and the various topics he still needs to study thoroughly.

Be Positive

Having a positive attitude throughout plays a crucial role in the candidate clearing the test. Having faith in one’s potential is something that always makes the candidate move forward and helps you clear the test with flying colors. Positive outlook and having a clear mind with no stress or worries helps the candidate to clear the test during the time of preparation.

The aspirant should be clear with one thing, that is the GOAL of being an IES, as such posts do not come easy in life, but the hard-work behind such position is enormous and you can any day count by the same.

Last but not the least, prepare for life rather than just to qualify for the examination as if you will clear the examination, it will change your overall persona completely.