In family law matters like divorce, your children and your property are handled by family and divorce lawyers in Sydney, unless you go at it alone in the process but that could be a very expensive learning curve that could be avoided by having the right family and divorce lawyers in Sydney on your side.

In this article we will uncover the certain areas of your life that you need to be aware of and take into account when you are in fact considering a divorce. Divorce is never easy, and it is always a painful and stressful endeavor to pursue, so we advise to first try your best to sort things out with your spouse, seek forgiveness and restitution and work at it for the sake of everyone in the equation that get affected by a divorce.


Children are first on our list because they are the ones who get hurt the most in this process and might even sustain long term emotional damage. In all divorce disputes you need to try as much as possible to resolve and mediate the situation so that it does not have to end up in court. Find good family and divorce lawyers in Sydney that can guide you through the process and help mediate and communicate.

What is also important to know and agree upon before hand is parenting plans and arrangements for the children. Sort out the custody and visitation and support agreements before hand to avoid making the journey longer and more painful that it already is.


Property is another thing that can make the fight a lot more stressful and painful than it already is. Negotiation should take place as soon as possible in an orderly fashion. You need to decide who gets what, who goes and who stays, etc. The signing of a pre-nuptial contract can assist in these situations, although if you got married without one it is going to be slightly more of a pain to work through. Assets need to be divided and both partners have to agree on the division as to make the process easier on both parties.


Finances also become a huge thing after the divorce because as mentioned before there is child support that needs to be paid from the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent, but further than that there can also be maintenance fees that need to be paid for a very long time if not permanent after the divorce and it can lead to legal action when not done. So, understand the financial burdens that come with divorce.

In conclusion

These are just 3 factors of many that are influenced by a divorce. We haven’t even touched the more important ones like the psychological, emotional and spiritual trauma that comes along with a divorce. But through it all if you have no other option, the divorce solicitor in Sydney will guide you through the process to cover all the issues relating to the divorce and you.