As we know that Google maps are very convenient to find directions easily. It helps people with the ease of navigating through various roads and localities, find out he needed locations and destinations, see the satellite view of the road one is travelling on, provides a voice direction to drivers, notifies various places on the way such as petrol pumps, food junctions, medical clinics and stores, restaurant and other things that a person searches for and hence the app has becomes a must on every smart phone.

Not only for the person who is driving a vehicle but also for those who have chose to travel through public conveyance can use this app to find out the ways in which one can reach the location. The application shows the various buses, walk ways, metros and local trains that one can take to reach the destination and even the timing of the conveyance so that user does not have to wait endlessly to board a conveyance of his choice. Due to all these features, Google map has become one of the top rated apps in the smart phone and has become essential for every device.

Now, Google has introduced a new instant street view feature that makes the app even more lovable. This feature allows people to see the instant street view at any point of time. It makes navigation easy as a person can see the roads one is travelling on and the adjacent turns and localities along with their names. Finding out a destination becomes easy when one can see the live view of the street and the turns with ease.

The following are some stunning features of Street View Online:-

  1. Save Directions:-

This is an important feature which allows saving any direction for more convenient journey.

  1. Street/Driving Maps:-

This website provides directions to the drivers which can be followed easily. It can also be zoomed in to have a better look at the route.

  1. Error free results is something that one can completely trust upon.
  2. User friendly platform so that every person can easily understand, search, locate and work accordingly without facing any complicated process.

There are many more advantages of using the instant street view over any other map apps. One can ever share location with other people to mark safety and security and even contact if there is a mid way pick up in case. One can go to the web site and read more about the instant street view to find out what it has to serve to its users.  

Travellers would find this app really helpful as travelling gives one pleasure and this app serve as the personal guide that takes one to places unknown without a hassle. One can go out the explore without losing directions as this app helps one in finding a way or the other and come back home with ease from anywhere ein the world without having to get lost or feel insecure at any point of time.