Fresh into your twenties? Need a hard reset? Everyone struggles with their adult responsibilities. From learning how to budget—bonus points if it’s with a financial advisor—to domestic life, here are a few tips to get you back on the rails of adulthood.

Strapped For Cash? Whip Out That Budget Book

Keeping on top of your bills and daily expenses can get to be too much for the individual, whether or not there are others in the picture. One way to set yourself up for success, regardless of your personal or financial situation, is to get in touch with an advisor. Knowing when to find an advisor and who to look for can be intimidating, but there are great resources out there to get you started. Watch what you buy and be more mindful of where your cash is flowing. This is a very rewarding feeling, both for your peace of mind and wallet. It always helps to have someone who knows what they’re doing by your side, and on your side.

Keep Things PG

Keep things clean – for your living space, that is. A cluttered, dirty environment can dampen anyone’s mood at a moment’s notice. Cleaning as you go can exponentially reduce future stress and, like a reflection of your mind, keep things tidy. Learn how to take care of minor inconveniences in the home, such as a clogged drain or wonky shutters. It will create a sense of accomplishment that comes with “adulting”.

Ditch Fast Food

Everything moves a little too fast at times, so it’s easy to run out the door and grab something on the way to work or school. However, this isn’t so easy on your wallet, or your body. Open up Pinterest, find a few yummy recipes, and you’re equipped for the grocery store! Make something that will last you days at a time; no matter how much of a crunch you’re in, it’ll only take a second to grab that ready-made meal and hop in the car. Much more, your stomach will thank you for it.

Watch out world, you’ve got an adult on your hands.