Mass and weight gainers are in the category of supplements with the aim of helping athletes get more muscles in their bodies. Usually, they contain protein as the main component but also carbohydrates content is significant. Some of them contain a small amount of fats which also promote the gaining of muscles.

For most people, making a decision about whether to use these supplements or not is no simple since they do not have enough information about them. If you read online, you will realize that almost everyone is wondering whether they work or not.

Who Should Use Mass and Weight Gainers?

Mass and weight gainers are commonly used by people athletes who want to have larger muscles. Engaging in exercises can lead to loss of fat in the body and when this is combined with high metabolism caused by workouts, some people can really lose weight.

As per research, almost every hardcore fitness enthusiast would want to have a larger mass than they have already. Although most try and add their diet portions and meal sequences, mass and weight gainers can really work well for them.

Common Mass and Weight Gainers

In order for you to know whether mass gainers really work, it is crucial to look at the common ones that are in the market today and how they work.

  • Creatine – human beings have creatine in the muscles but athletes seek to increase the amount through an increase. The best way is to take creatine supplements, which has been proven scientifically to boost the sports performance and muscle mass gain. According to medical researches, creatine supplements may come alone or combined in other supplements and steroids.
  • Protein – it comes as a powder that has a high amount of protein. Basically, this is to boost the amount that athletes take in food for the purpose of gaining more muscles and mass. Protein powders do work well with time when they are combined with the right diet and workouts. Most bodybuilders and hardcore lifters use protein supplements.
  • Weight gainers – there is a category of people that need to use these supplements to add weight. If you have a high metabolism or you are already underweight, as mentioned above, weight gainers should be on your list of supplements. Again, they will work well since they contain a high amount of calories to increase your weight significantly.


As an athlete, there are numerous benefits of success used of mass and weight gainers. Apart from attaining an admirable physique, you will also get more strength and power to deal with your fitness goals. If you have been to the gym with bigger guys, they always go for a heavier weight and double their reps without too much strain.

Final Work

We can say that both mass and weight gainers really work. The intensive research that has been done so far shows them are reliable supplemnets but only when used well. Any slight misuse can lead to adverse side effects. That is why they should be used under the prescription of experts and closely monitoring should follow.